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Find out how Sii Poland helps the retail industry in a full digital transformation using Salesforce solutions

The digital transformation of the retail industry is a complex process that requires full synchronization of all its stages, from the contact initiation, through communication with the client and salesmen activities, to the supply chain. However, when performed well, it is invaluable as the proper use of online channels and technologies enables dealing with unpredictable market situations more effectively. Based on the Salesforce ecosystem, Sii Poland experts create solutions that allow companies from the retail industry to optimize processes, improve product delivery and, as a result, increase sales.

The importance of digital transformation for the retail sector

We see that digital technology has been revolutionizing the retail sector. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world, and especially the retail world, has been and is enormous. During the lockdown, the operational activities of many companies not ready for digital transformation were severely limited. While physical stores were closed, online platforms reported traffic peaks, similar to those during the Christmas period or on Black Friday. This involved problems with lack of supplies or long waits for delivery. Those who have properly used the potential of online channels and technological solutions have come from the crisis unscathed.

What strategies enabled increasing revenue and recouping the losses caused by the pandemic?

  • Expanding the online commercial offer
  • Personalized marketing
  • Supply chain optimization

In simple terms, this means increasing revenue by optimizing existing digital solutions.

How Salesforce solutions can help the retail industry

Digital transformation changes the way suppliers manage their supply chain through artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, process automation and warehouse robotization. It is crucial to combine these three elements: customer service (collecting all customer information, providing agents with a 360-degree view) with full supply chain visibility (providing real-time supply chain control, connecting with partners to track inventory and prevent shortages) and order scaling (ensuring seamless delivery with product status in real time).

– A reliable tool is needed to implement strategies that optimize sales processes and increase efficiency. The Salesforce platform is an ideal solution for fully synchronizing personalized communication with the customer with internal operations. This is one of the reasons why Salesforce has been strengthening its position as a leader in the retail industry for years – says Anna Rębelska, Business Development Manager at Sii.

– The digital transformation of the retail industry does not apply only to online stores. It is essential to ensure a smooth and coherent customer journey, which can be achieved by implementing the right tools. It is pleasing that at Sii we see a constant increase in the retail customers’ interest in solutions based on the Salesforce ecosystem, including not only CRM solutions, B2B platforms and consumer portals, but also branded websites – adds Adrian Gola, Head of Retail, Logistics and Consumer Products at Sii.

Responding to the needs of clients from the retail industry, Sii Poland experts are ready to create dedicated solutions based on Salesforce tools. Check which ones can improve your business:

  • intelligent, automated sales and customer service management with a 360-degree view
  • real-time control of the average sales price, sales trends, product revenues by product line/brand and sales channels or regions
  • omnichannel customer service using LiveMessage to communicate via SMS, Facebook Messenger and WeChat
  • self-service portals for contractors
  • engaging websites for brands: loyalty, educational, customer portals
  • fully mobile support of field representatives
  • digitization of document circulation with electronic signature
  • automation of marketing campaigns (web, email, social media, SMS)
  • personalized offers and omnichannel communication with the customer
  • customer path management
  • customer profiling using artificial intelligence
  • analysis of trends, return on investment and performance based on artificial intelligence.

What does it look like in practice?

Sii Poland has been supporting its clients in creating and optimizing solutions based on Salesforce for years.

For one of international clients specializing in deep-sea fishing, Sii experts developed a solution based on Salesforce, which enhanced the order placing process (from automatic document generation to sending it to the contractor for electronic signature) and allowed precise determination of the volume of sales, which is crucial for fishing planning and fleet logistics.

For a global production company that supports its customers in the field of distribution and logistics, Sii experts developed an application based on Salesforce Sales Cloud, which made it possible to shorten the sales cycle, simplify internal processes and standardize reporting and forecasting, as well as enabled cross-sectional analysis of sales for several product categories in real time.

Get the Salesforce offer for your business by contacting us through our website.
It includes: business advisory in the field of digital transformation, technical consulting, optimizations, implementations, dedicated solutions, integration and migration of data to the Salesforce Platform, modernization (migration from older, legacy systems to Salesforce), back-office digital transformation and support services in flexible models.

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