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Automated complex document reading with 92% efficiency? Doubling your search engine performance? With Sii’s AI solutions the sky is the limit!

If you need to quickly find key information among vast amounts of digital data, the Artificial Intelligence solutions developed by Sii Poland will come to your rescue. Our engineers successfully use AI to develop effective and innovative solutions for their clients. Thanks to natural language processing and deep learning, Sii experts improved the document search process at the Court of Appeal in Wroclaw. Sii also increased by 92% the efficiency of obtaining information by Dodge Data & Analytics, an American construction market leader.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) combines artificial intelligence with linguistics and computer science in order to build algorithms which understand the processed text in the same way humans do. And this is where deep learning proves to be particularly effective, as it enables to create solutions that match, or even exceed, the quality of the work of human experts. At the same time, these methods allow for processing massive amounts of data in a matter of minutes or seconds. Sii Poland uses NLP and deep learning to solve challenges faced by our clients.

What makes Sii’s semantic search engine unique?

As a part of the partnership with Microsoft, in cooperation with the Court of Appeal in Wroclaw, we completed an R&D project aimed at creating a modern semantic search engine for court decisions.

– Retrieving the right court ruling that includes information regarding the relevant legal provisions and subject matter often requires a lot of time from the user. It happens due to the specialized legal language and imperfect algorithms which don’t understand what we are looking for precisely. And that is where AI comes to the rescue – says Marcin Mosiołek, AI Solution Architect at Sii Poland.

Instead of keyword search used by classic search engines, the solution delivered by Sii tries to first understand the user’s query and then match the appropriate documents, which had been previously “read and understood” by the system.

– Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and deep neural networks, we have improved search results twofold compared to traditional algorithms. A dedicated language model built by Sii engineers can capture semantic, lexical, and syntactic aspects of the legal language – says Tomasz Milik, Account Executive at Sii Poland.

The developed search engine can be also applied successfully to documents that belong to other specialized areas, such as pharmacy, medicine, or insurance.

How does classification and extraction of information translate into 92% efficiency?

Another company cooperating with Sii in the area of artificial intelligence is Dodge Data & Analytics from the US, which monitors and analyzes the construction investment market in North America. Construction corporations use the company’s services to get information about current tenders and projects in terms of the scope of work or predicted budget.

– The amount of information processed by Dodge Data & Analytics is so huge that even a large team of experts isn’t able to get familiar with it within a finite time frame. Therefore, we designed and built a complex system based on natural language processing which classifies documents, extracts key information, and identifies duplicates – says Marcin Mosiołek.

This way, Dodge Data & Analytics builds an organized and reliable knowledge base regarding the construction market. The solution created by Sii can identify nearly 40 different kinds of information with 92% efficiency, and differentiate between commercial and private projects with a 96% success rate.

How does Sii support its clients in a comprehensive way?

In Sii Poland, we help our partners to develop AI-based projects from the presentation of requirements to implementation and post-implementation support.

– Our data science team is able to design and build a pipeline for marking and collecting data necessary to train artificial intelligence, then to build the model itself, and monitor its functioning in a production environment. What is particularly important our competencies allow us not only to build the AI model but also to integrate it with the working software says Małgorzata Wodzisławska, Director of the Data & Analytics Competency Center at Sii Poland. 

If you would like to find out how we can support you in the AI area, check out our website and contact us.

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