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IT@BANK 2022: Sii Poland among the best IT services providers for the financial sector once again

Another edition of the annual IT@BANK2022 conference is behind us. Sii Poland was ranked among the leaders of the best IT services providers in three categories!

IT@BANK is the largest conference in Poland bringing together the IT environment with the Polish banking sector. The main theme of this year’s edition was “challenges of the future”, i.e. a discussion on the technological future of banking in the world of electronic civilization.

An important part of the conference was the announcement of the results of the ranking of the best IT service providers for the banking sector. As in previous years, also this year Sii Poland achieved high positions and took top places in as many as three categories. The 2nd place on the podium for “Companies with the greatest development potential” is worth mentioning.

— We are proud of this year’s very high positions of Sii in the IT@BANK ranking, both in the main category and in subcategories. The podium in the “Companies with the greatest development potential” subcategory is proof of Sii’s unflagging, dynamic development for sixteen years. We are glad that the financial market recognizes our potential as a company that is able to support banks on their way to digitization. By the way, it is worth mentioning that we also stand out from the competition with the high efficiency of our activities, which is also reflected in the ranking. Sii is a leading partner of financial institutions in the field of IT and BPO services and projects, offering resources and experience in the area of software development, testing, Business Intelligence, cybersecurity, front- and back-office process outsourcing — says Michał Żelazowski, Head of Industry Financial Services, Banking, and Insurance.

In the main category, Sii Poland took a high, fourth place on the podium. In this ranking, the factors determining the award were, among others, sales revenue and the number of active clients of financial institutions.

Such results are not only a reason for us to be happy, but also a motivation to keep going, ensuring the highest level of quality provided to our clients and partners.

Would you like to learn more about the projects implemented by Sii Poland for the banking sector? Visit our website!

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