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Mobile applications are a chance to improve the quality of work

Saving time, high-quality code and the possibility to prepare tools for thousands of end users, regardless of their devices, are just a few of the many advantages of the Xamarin technology, thanks to which it is possible to build cross-platform mobile applications. – Xamarin streamlines the work of developers because it requires the use of good practices. Therefore, we can risk a statement that applications created with this technology will be of high quality – explains Mateusz Kowalewski, Solution Architect at Sii.

Most mobile devices are already equipped with a basic application package at the time of purchase. Then, throughout their lives, more functionalities are added to the list, allowing the smartphones and tablets to be used for new purposes: remotely manage users’ houses, finances, and even become entertainment centres.

However, mobile applications are not only programs that make everyday life easier for the users of those devices. Many of them play an important role in production companies, service providers and state institutions. These may be programs that allow for quick and error-free detection of failures in production halls or offer local governments the opportunity to improve waste management.

– Sii specializes in solutions for business and industry. We focus on communication between devices and on the automation and optimization of human work. We create comprehensive solutions, one of the interfaces of which may be a mobile application – says Dariusz Adamowski, Digital Competency Center Director at Sii.

Designing dedicated mobile solutions allows to take into account many, often non-standard customer requirements. Sometimes one of them is the operation of systems without Internet access. In other cases, the applications being developed is to become part of a larger, existing infrastructure and it is necessary to ensure good communication between all the elements.

From industry to business – mobile applications in practice

Mobile applications of the ‘offline first’ type, i.e. allowing to use their most important functionalities in offline mode and synchronizing data after connection with the server, are used in companies, where employees supervise equipment located in an external location among others. Technicians servicing devices, that operate in remote areas or locations without Internet access, can perform inspection and diagnostics with the help of a properly designed application.

– The location of the device does not matter. It can be placed underground, in a forest or at sea. Using an application-specific maintenance schedule, the technician can scan the nameplate, take photos or record a video. The synchronization of the entered data with the system takes place after re-connecting to the Internet – says Mateusz Kowalewski, Solution Architect at Sii.

When creating mobile applications, Sii engineers willingly use Xamarin technology. It enables efficient building of cross-platform solutions by sharing a part of the code. This way, one team creates products for Android, iOS and Windows. The choice of this solution is backed by saving time, high-quality code and the possibility to prepare a tool for thousands of end users, regardless of the devices they use.

– Xamarin is perfect for projects aimed at a wide audience. In this case, service technicians used their own equipment to operate the application. Therefore, we could not assume that the solution would be dedicated to a specific operating system, but we had to prepare a product running on all platforms – explains Mateusz Kowalewski.

The same technology was used in the Sii project dedicated to sales departments. In this case, sales representatives were given the opportunity to create personalized product catalogues during a meeting with the customer. The application installed on the tablet, having access to an extensive database, allowed to select specific pages with products and present them to the customer, and then generate a PDF file from them. And all this without Internet access.

– The only activity, that was performed online, was updating – emphasizes Mateusz Kowalewski. – An additional requirement was the necessity to build an application that would operate even with a slow Internet connection. Therefore, we used a mechanism called ‘event sourcing’. It means that during the update only information about changes are saved, which does not not use a lot of transferred data. A single change does not make it necessary to download the entire database or a large part of it again – adds the expert.

Quality and safety

– The use of Xamarin technology improves the work of developers, because it forces the use of good practices. Therefore, we can risk a statement that applications created with this technology will be of high quality – explains Mateusz Kowalewski.

Delivering highest-quality products is a key distinguishing feature of the company both on the Polish as well as foreign markets. This was one of the reasons why Sii decided to develop its competences in this area. Moreover, Sii’s experts actively support initiatives aimed at education and popularization of this system.

– We are the largest provider of services using the Xamarin technology in Poland – says Dariusz Adamowski. – As part of Sii’s partnership with Microsoft, which currently includes Xamarin, we organized a conference in Copenhagen devoted to this subject. What is more, our architects are certified in Xamarin and take part in meetings, during which they present the possibilities offered by this solution when creating mobile applications – he adds.

More and more organizations recognize the advantages of building comprehensive tools to improve the efficiency of human work. It brings profits in the form of better time management, efficient delivery of high-quality services and products, and fosters the dynamic development of the company. Sii cooperates with many of them, providing dedicated remote solutions. Thanks to ISO and Common Criteria certificates, Sii ensures the security of intellectual property of the customer and his equipment. The methodology developed and good communication also play an important role in the process.

– Most of our services were implemented as Agile projects. As a result, we were very flexible and at the same time we were able to provide services to customers remotely. On the basis of the requirements, we could create software and send it for verification to the customer very quickly – explains Dariusz Adamowski.

So what is the future for the mobile technology industry? – According to our observations, the prospects are positive. This applies in particular to projects aiming at automation and optimisation of human work in industry and business, for example in technical, administration, human resources and payroll departments – sums up Dariusz Adamowski.

If the way, in which different departments operate, needs an upgrade, it is worth considering possibilities provided by mobile applications. And regarding this particular case, the best solution may be Xamarin technology, especially if said tools would be built for many users. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, Sii experts successfully carry out similar projects for Polish and international companies. To learn more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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