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ModernTester – e-learning platform created by testers for testers

ModernTester, an e-learning platform created by Sii experts, will help testers improve their skills and meet the growing demands of the labor market. It includes 11 specialist courses that will allow them to get to know better key tools, popular frameworks and programming languages as well as test them in test environments created specifically for this purpose.

Response to market needs

The idea of creating the ModernTester e-learning platform, which offers solid testing knowledge, is a response to the current, dynamically changing situation in the world of testing. Today, testers need to have a much wider knowledge about tools, technology and software engineering than a few years ago.

– Our goal was to give testers a chance to gain practical knowledge of key technologies and understand IT issues they have to deal with every day when working on their projects – says Marcin Laksander,  Director of the Testing Competency Center at Sii Poland and the originator of the platform. – It happens that even testers with several years of experience have problems with SQL basics, Linux or API tests. This is often due to the fact that working for a long time on one project, they are limited to only a few technologies necessary to perform specific tasks. A problem occurs when they want to change that project – he adds.

Practice above all else

The ModernTester platform currently offers 11 specialist courses in APIs (Postman, SoapUI), databases (SQL), front-end technologies (Selenium, HTML, JS, CSS) and programming (Java). But theory is not all. Great emphasis was placed on the acquisition of practical skills.

– All available training materials are based on our applications, online stores, databases, APIs. We want to teach based on concrete examples, so we give trainees access to all the tools and frameworks discussed – says Sebastian Terepko, Test Development Engineer at Sii and Project Leader.

Platform created by testers for testers

Sii testers, who on a daily basis carry out projects for leading Polish and international brands, were involved in the development of the platform. Thanks to this, all tool presentations, tutorials and courses available on ModernTester are adapted to the nature of testers’ work and requirements set by their employers. This makes it easier for users to prepare for new projects or technical job interviews.

– Our trainings allow you to better understand what the tester really does. Good specialists should know why and how the applications they are testing work – says Sebastian Terepko.

Both manual and automation testers can use the ModernTester platform. The course levels are designed in such a way that a person who has not yet had contact with a given technology can quickly learn the theoretical basis and in a short time start doing practical tasks in test environments by themselves. With diverse materials, ModernTester is a great source of knowledge for testers without IT education who want to learn the basics of software engineering.

Until the end of this year, you can buy access to all courses on the ModernTester platform at a promotional price ? check the details

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