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More than 30 community projects in 2020 – a summary of Sii Power Volunteers

In 2020, Sii Poland organized over 30 charity projects initiated by employees, in which, in total, several hundred volunteers and activists took part. As part of the Sii Power Volunteers Program and local events last year, the company donated almost PLN 160,000 to social organizations acting on behalf various groups in need. These activities would not be possible without huge commitment of community leaders from Sii and volunteers who devote their private time, energy and share their competences.

Charity in Sii Poland bases on projects carried out throughout the country, both under Sii Power Volunteers Program and as part of local events in branches. Both of these pillars of charitable activities are built primarily thanks to social sensitivity of Sii Poland employees, commitment and good will of volunteers, often also their families and friends.

The ideas for the activities presented by employees are as varied as the workers themselves: thanks to them, the company takes part in supporting children’s foundations, orphanages, hospitals and hospices, shelters for homeless animals, but also carried out activities for the benefit of natural environment. Volunteers submitted project ideas revolving around manual labor, such as repairs and renovations, as well as caring for animals, also to competence volunteering.

Covid – a challenge and idea generator

In March 2020, the outbreak of the epidemic resulted in the suspension of all previously planned projects due to the lock down and the need to adapt to new conditions. At the same time, difficult circumstances increased the level of social sensitivity and the spontaneous reactions of our volunteers – says Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager at Sii Poland. – We joined the activities supporting medical services  in the fight against the epidemic: with the help of volunteers who have 3D printers, we started the production of personal protective equipment for hospital staff in Silesia. We cooperated with ISKIERKA Foundation, known to us from an earlier joint project. In Poznań , at employees’ request , we purchased a new EKG device for an infectious disease hospital and we organized a collection of electronic nannies to help nurses monitor patients. The remaining projects from this year were prepared taking into account sanitary requirements – adds Katarzyna Domańska.

Throughout the year, despite the coronavirus pandemic and large restrictions, Sii Poland together with its volunteers carried out 30 projects under Sii Power Volunteers Program and as local events.

Charity in numbers

In 2020, the support from Sii Poland was donated to 28 different organizations, including: 9 foundations and associations, 9 shelters for homeless animals, 6 hospitals, 3 hospices, 1 museum and many private persons.

Volunteers from the company took part in a dozen special charitable collections, 5 renovations and cleaning activities, organized 4 charity fairs, 2 ecological campaigns, 1 charitable winter swimming session and IT workshops for 16 children.

In total, Sii Poland donated almost PLN 160,000 in 2020 to the abovementioned charity projects. Hundreds of volunteers took part in the endeavors, and they also involved their families, friends and acquaintances. Despite the pandemic, Sii Power Volunteers still want to act and help others, and Sii Poland makes every effort to enable them to do so.

Summary and further plans

We finish 2020 with Christmas projects. We organized the campaign “Become Santa Claus, ”says Katarzyna Domańska. – Together with our employees, we have prepared over 200 Christmas gift packs for those in need: children from foster families and orphanages, single mothers, little patients from children’s hospitals and seniors from nursing homes. Our employees prepared the packages, and Sii supported them with an additional amount of PLN 10,000.

In December, new projects are underway or have already started. They were submitted by employees as part of the 9th edition of Sii Power Volunteers. Among others, we started cooperation with the newly opened House of the Ronald McDonald Foundation in Warsaw – a home for the families of sick children staying at the University Clinical Hospital, the Complex of Schools for Children and Youth in Bydgoszcz or with the Dzieło Pomocy Dzieciom Rupert Mayer Foundation in Krakow. – Supporting society is extremely important to us. We see it also in the attitudes and initiatives of our employees, who volunteer to help together more and more often – Katarzyna Domańska sums up. In the next quarter, Sii Poland and its volunteers will implement 7 such projects for a total amount of over PLN 152,000 (3 have already started) .

Lear more about the planned activities of Sii Poland here.

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