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.NET enthusiasts and experts met at the GET.NET conference in Gdansk

For the fifth time the GET.NET conference was held in Gdansk. It is one of the largest events about .NET technology in Poland. On October 27th at Amber Expo, eleven experts from around the world shared their experiences and best practices with participants.

The GET.NET conference was initiated by Sii, which believes that idea of sharing knowledge and experience is a big value  worth spreading. The periodic editions of this event take place twice a year – during the spring in Lodz and in autumn in Gdansk. It attracts growing number of experienced programmers, testers, managers, IT students and enthusiasts of new technologies.

The tenth edition of the conference took a place on October 27th. Simultaneously in two conference rooms about 350 attendees had the opportunity of listening eleven speakers from all around the world. From the very beginning the organizer bets on the high quality of the presentation, so among the experts appeared such great names as Rachel Appel (USA), Yan Cui (Great Britain), Gill Cleeren (Belgium), Jiří Činčura (Czech Republic) and Sławomir Aleksiuk (Poland).

– List of speakers this year is not a coincidence – explains Sii Gdansk Director, Michael Desmurs. – We have tailored experts and presentation topics to help participants solve their real problems and optimize their daily work. If they have got inspired to look for new solutions, I consider the aim of the GET.NET conference as fulfilled. In addition, I am pleased that the largest IT companies in the region appreciate this substantive value of the event and patronize employees participation in the conference more – comments Sii Gdansk Director.

Keynote Speaker of this edition, Rachel Appel who performed first, successfully gathered full rows of focused listeners, by talking about the issues of Accessible Design and Programming in Action. A wide spectrum of the topics and the diversity of the subsequent speeches allowed the recipients drawing knowledge and inspiration on both technical and soft issues.

Presentations included topics as machine learning in .NET, security in the serverless world, development of mobile applications using XAMARIN.FORMS, DOCKER, or MVVM, adding real-time collaboration to web-based applications and best practices in software teams. The participants, while sharing their impressions behind the scenes, were emphasizing the practical dimension of knowledge presented at GET.NET.

– This is another edition which I took part in. This time as a speaker, but I could not miss the opportunity to see other presentations. All of them were presented at a high level, but what is even more important to me, they were diverse and practical. There was no babbling about things everyone already knows or can check on the Internet in five minutes. Instead, there was a lot of valuable information about different topics, evidently shared from practitioners’ own experience – says Sławomir Aleksiuk from Sii, who performed as a speaker.

A value of GET.NET is also a great chance for networking. Organizer prepared special relax zones to make it even easier for attendees to interact. This year, the facilities have been extended, and in addition to the Chillout Zone, flippers were placed in the hall to let attendees enjoy the positive competition and take rest between the presentations.

President of Gdansk Paweł Adamowicz was a honorary partner of the event. Among the other partners supporting the event were: Developer magazine,, Invest in Pomerania,, donNETomania, No Fluff Jobs,, Computerworld, 4programmers, net, Outsourcing portal, Outsourcing & More, Grupa .NET PG, WSB. Code (WSB Programming Club Gdańsk-Gdynia), BEST Gdańsk, Helion,, infoShare Academy and Software Development Academy.

Preparations for the spring edition of GET.NET in Lodz are going to start soon. For more details visit and our Facebook profile at

The initiator and organizer of the conference is Sii, which employs almost 4 000 engineers. The leading provider of IT services and industrial engineering in Poland, which supports clients in consulting, analysis and testing, software development, infrastructure management, system integration and maintenance and industrial engineering as well.

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