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New year, new energy! See the passions and volunteer initiatives we are supporting this year

In the 6th edition of Passion Sponsorship Program and the 7th edition of Sii Power Volunteers, new employee initiatives were selected that will receive financial and organizational support from the company in the near future. On 13 projects dedicated to passions and 3 volunteer initiatives Sii employees will use a total budget of over 172 000 PLN. Among passion-related projects, sport is always the most popular theme, but there will be a lot of new ones in the new edition of the Programs.

Strong groups of enthusiasts

Once again, Sii Cycling Team with its leader – Kamil Hajda from Sii Katowice, received the funding. This year, there will be 4 riders from Sii wearing colors of the amateur cycling group. In 2019, the team took part in 25 races throughout Poland, 13 times its members stood on the podium, including 6 times at the highest tier (more about the group here).

The Sii Climbing Team is dynamically developing and organizes climbing courses as well as rock-based training. The project founded in the Łódź branch attracts more and more enthusiasts of mountain climbing from all Sii locations. This year, funding will be allocated to the organization of the spring rock camp (a short report from the winter camp can be found here).

Sii Running Team, whose leader is Bartek from Sii Warsaw, also received funding from Passion Sponsorship Program. The company supports Sii runners by paying for starter packages for various runs throughout Poland: from marathons and half-marathons, over shorter distances, to the Butcher’s Run in Bieszczady Mountains.

Once again Bassriver Summer Stage will be held in Płock, organized by Grzesiek from Sii Warsaw. This year, additional contests are planned for electronic music enthusiasts in Sii and fans of the Audioriver Festival, as part of which the event takes place.

Szymon from Sii Wrocław, who runs a Home Engineer blog, will also benefit from Sii’s support. Through funding, Szymon will intensify activities of his technical blog, purchase the right parts for his workshop and conduct a series of training sessions on the basics of programming and electronics.

Sii Poland will also support Wirginia from the freediving team, who won a high place in the general classification of women in the Polish Championships 2019. Thanks to the funding, Wirginia will continue to train and take part in competitions.

In Poznań, basketball enthusiasts from Sii will play for the third time in the Basketball Business League.

Sports news and more

Some interesting news will appear in the portfolio of the Sii Passion Sponsorship Program. Arkadiusz from Sii Kraków will develop his passion for paragliding – Arek has already flown over Croatia, Macedonia, Albania and Slovakia. It’s time to grow in competitions! In the same branch, Bartek trains breakdancing: his goal is to organize a dance show in his hometown, and thanks to Sii’s support this goal will be organized this year.

At Sii Gdańsk, Krzysztof trains aikido and katori – he has already involved several colleagues from the branch in his passion. Thanks to the funding they have received, Krzysztof will continue to lead the training group with Sii at an increasingly higher level.

In Sii Poznan, Przemek, who has been training Motogymkhana for years (precise motorcycle riding), will organize this year’s competition under the patronage of Sii Poland.

The employees of the Wrocław branch will have the opportunity to train an increasingly popular form of running – OCR Running, i.e. running with obstacles. Michał from Sii Wrocław will be responsible for constructing a new obstacle course and training for runners from Sii.

An interesting project, opening a completely new category in the Program, is the bee breeding project by Szymon from Sii Kraków. Thanks to financing, Szymon will not only rent a meadow and expand his current breed farn, but will also deliver honey to Krakow branch and in the spring he will conduct ecological workshops in the bosom of nature.

New charity projects

As part of the 7th edition of the Sii Power Volunteers Program, three new projects were planned in the first half of 2020: support for the Association for the Disabled SPES in Katowice, bone marrow donation promotion campaign with the DKMS Foundation in all company branches, as well as Warsaw Mediator Student project, based on non-violent communication. All projects assume the greatest involvement not only of Sii employees, but also their families and friends. The continuing project will be IT workshops for seniors, led by volunteers from Sii Katowice.

You will be able to find out more about individual projects in the following year in news on the website – more details soon.

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