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Once you understand the needs well, you will know how to act effectively. Meet Maciek, BI Architect from Sii Warsaw and find out what connects helping those in need with satisfying work in the BI team

According to Maciek, BI Architect with many years of experience, in order to support those in need, we do not need to have special resources or competences, and the most satisfying help is the one that perfectly meets the needs. It is similar with work in the BI department – in order for the work to be fruitful and effective, you first need to properly collect business requirements and understand the client’s needs

The first project you have completed in the Sii Power Volunteers Program is assistance at the Children’s Health Center, a specialist children’s hospital near Warsaw, where small patients from all over Poland are treated. How did you come up with the idea for this action? 

The idea arose after the birth of my daughter. I thought that not everyone is as lucky as me and can enjoy the full health of their child. We started our cooperation with the campaign of collecting items for small patients, which, unfortunately, are never lacking in Polish hospitals. At a later stage, with the financial help of Sii and the work of several volunteers, we carried out renovations in part of the hospital: we replaced the floor and painted the walls. In the spring, we also organized a campaign of planting pansies and carried out cleaning works in front of the hospital building. The last smaller project for the Center was a Christmas collection of toys, organized jointly with Uniq Fight Club. We carried it out together with my friend from the Club, with whom we have known each other for over 20 years.

Another project you submitted to the Sii Power Volunteers Program was an action carried out together with the Cancer Fighters Foundation. What motivated you to support this organization?

Cancer Fighters is an organization that has been cooperating with many companies and institutions for years, including the Uniq Fight Club, with which I have been associated for a long time. The foundation was recommended to me as reliable by my long-time friend and that’s how I decided to contact them. After getting acquainted with the story of the founder of Cancer Fighters, several conversations with the foundation’s members, learning about the principles by which they operate and the needs of the foundation, I realized that the implementation of a joint project with Sii Power Volunteers can be really useful! The scale of demand in Polish hospitals and medical facilities, including the medical equipment necessary for treatment, is huge, and its purchase is one of the foundation’s main objectives.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction in helping others?

I try to select aid actions so as to be sure that the aid is directed exactly where it is needed. If I can write about satisfaction, I feel it when I know that the funds donated actually go to people who need it. There is also the emotional aspect: the smile of kids who get soft toys in hospital wards remains in the memory for a long time! It is also nice to see the involvement of my colleagues in the actions that I initiate or co-create – I am very grateful to them for that!

Speaking of co-workers – you have been working at Sii for over 5 years, all the time in the BI team. How has it developed over the years?

Dynamically! 😊 We started modestly with a small team of developers and one analyst. Now we are over 30 people with a dozen or so developers, a team of testers and analysts on board. It is nice to experience such development. The most groundbreaking and at the same time the most difficult moment for me was 2018, when we started the project of rebuilding our architecture. This involved an increased amount of work with limited resources – our team was not as large then as it is now.

What are you most proud of in your professional life, and what is your biggest challenge?

What I am most proud of is that the data we provide is of high quality and gives a solid basis for further business decisions! Taking this opportunity, I would like to disprove one myth – the work of the BI team is not only about preparing ready-made reports! There are a number of other activities behind this: downloading data from internal and external systems, consolidating them in a data warehouse, building analytical models, and finally developing reports. Annually, we have over 2 000 users using our solutions.

The biggest challenge is the proper collection of business requirements, which consists in the correct understanding of the client’s needs and subsequent technical implementation.

Do you want your work to be inspiring, so that you can develop and implement additional social projects with the support of your employer at the same time? Check out our job offers and join the Sii Poland team! 

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