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Sii’s Testing & QA team already counts 1 300 experts and continues to grow. Meet the specialists from Testing Services Competency Center and find out more about their captivating projects

Sii Poland employs over 1 300 testers and QA specialists, and software testing is one of the most dynamically developing areas in the company. This can be seen in the rankings – for several years now, Sii has been at the forefront of the Computerworld and British TEST Magazine rankings. The number of customers using Sii’s testing services is also constantly growing. Currently, our experts deliver projects for companies from different sectors from around the world. Read what testing at Sii looks like and what testers say about their work.

A modern approach to testing and solutions distinguished in international rankings

Sii Poland, developing its testing services, focuses on modern solutions supported by technologies provided by leading suppliers. For this reason, it partnered with Tricentis and Dynatrace, whose tools, distinguished in the Gartner or Forrester combinations, revolutionize the areas of testing and performance analysis, respond to the requirements of agile software development methodologies, use artificial intelligence and support the most popular technologies.

– Testing evolves to keep up with changes throughout the software development process and add value to it. At Sii, our goal is to be up to date with these changes – says Marcin Laksander, Testing Services Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. – The main challenge for testing is to reduce the time from implementing a software change to receiving feedback on its quality. That is why we work with technology partners, market leaders, whose solutions best fit today’s production models and increase the efficiency of test engineers’ work – he sums up.

Test automation and continuous testing

Sii is dedicated to continuous testing – focusing on optimizing and improving the testing process by using automation in the early stages of the software development cycle. In their work, architects and test developers use the most popular programming languages ​​– Java, C#, JS, Python and the best frameworks and tools, such as Selenium,, REST Assured, Puppeteer, or Tricentis Tosca, which allows people without a programming background to create automatic UI and API tests.

– I have been working with test automation since the beginning of my career at Sii – says Michał Ślęzak, Test Development Engineer at Sii Poland. – I started with managing a project for a technology company, where in a team of several people, using Selenium and C#, we were automating regression tests for ERP applications. I also quickly began to represent Sii at various events. Currently, I am a leader in several projects. In one of them, I create automatic tests in Selenium, Python, and Behave for an application used by various airlines to manage tasks related to flights, aircraft maintenance, planning the flight schedule of the entire crew and cargo – he adds.

Projects delivered for Sii clients are often long-term plans introducing test automation throughout the system.

– My tasks include comprehensive management of the test automation process, including the design, documentation, and implementation of solutions for clients – says Krzysztof Bednarski, Solution Architect at Sii Poland. – Due to the scope of my projects, I often have to consider all test levels. Sometimes, during the work, a new need arises that we did not define at the beginning and the challenge is to introduce changes and corrections to the previously established plan. This part of the work is the most satisfying for me because I can see how the concept works in a real-life environment – he sums up.

Next-generation performance tests

Sii Poland has created a completely new approach to performance testing, allowing for more accurate prediction of system behavior and more effective prevention of failures. The new generation of tests is fully automated, uses artificial intelligence, allows you to scale tests and perform them on-demand using the clouds of all major suppliers from multiple locations.

– I started my work at Sii as a Test Development Engineer, currently I am architect. For 2 years I could prove myself working in many interesting projects in the field of performance tests – says Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz, Architect at Sii Poland. – PoC for the lowest level of performance tests, configuration, and running of performance tests using Azure DevOps along with automated preparation of test data are just some of them. I’ve learned a lot from each project, but the PoC for performance tests, which we delivered for one of the largest banks in Poland, was unique. This was a very niche topic where I had to learn, among other things, how jUnit and Spring work – she adds.

Great development opportunities and ambitious projects

Sii focuses on the development of its workers. The company’s mission is to promote those who are the best, which is perfectly implemented in practice – all architects working in the testing area at Sii previously worked as test developers. What’s more, manual testers have the opportunity to start a career in test automation through trainings and mentoring programs.

Being a part of Sii means working in interesting projects that pose a lot of challenges to the experts – some require high scalability, taking into account mobile devices, and others – equipment manufactured only by the client.

Another challenge may be an unusual combination of applications that must be used in a project requiring unconventional solutions. An example is a system for managing a set of smart keys and locks, delivered by Sii experts for one of the leading suppliers of this type of solutions in the world.

– We work in projects with a full range of applications: from web, through mobile, to physical equipment – says Krzysztof Bednarski. – It is therefore important that the created tools are compatible with each other thanks to at least one programming language, but at the same time meet all the requirements for automation.

One of Sii’s latest projects is delivered for a Swiss client from the industrial sector. The challenge is to implement from scratch test automation processes of precision machine control systems. The architecture is divided into several layers: UI, back-end, wrappers, and machine drivers. The uniqueness of this project lies in the fact that the experts working on it can choose preferred automation tools and performance tests.

What else do testers value at work at Sii?

– Sii stands out because we quickly implement good ideas and you can have a real impact on the way the tasks are done – says Michał Ślęzak.

– I value Sii the most for the variety of projects and the freedom to choose between them – says Krzysztof Bednarski. – If I believe that my work as an Architect in a given project is over, and the team is carrying out the tasks without any problems, I move on to create a solution for another client. Thanks to this, despite working in one company, I am constantly developing – he sums up.

– In the Sii Testing Services Competency Center, everything is possible and achievable. Both development and interesting projects. People who share passion, a great approach to people, and want to support others work here. For me, this is the most important reason why in the future I want to keep working at Sii – says Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz.

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