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Partnership on the right track. Learn more about the projects of Sii Poland engineers and rail mobility leader – Alstom

Even the world’s fastest hydrogen train, 20 Pendolino trainsets in Poland, the metro in Budapest or Dubai would be useless for public transport without first equipping the infrastructure with rail traffic control devices. Comprehensive systems provided by Alstom, a world leader in the railroad industry, are a guarantee of safety. More than 7 000 specialists around the world, including 100 engineers from Sii Poland, work on their reliability every day.

For more than 10 years, Sii experts have been helping Alstom develop integrated solutions in the area of signaling, which is considered by experts and enthusiasts to be the essence or heart of the rail industry. Thanks to continuous improvement, innovation, and attention to software quality, Alstom equipment is successfully used around the world, minimizing the occurrence of incidents that are potentially dangerous to human life and health.

New engineering challenges in cooperation between Sii Poland and Alstom

Last year, the cooperation between Sii and Alstom was expanded to include the rolling stock sector, responsible for the design, production, and maintenance of rolling stock. The Alstom Konstal plant in Chorzow, with a 150-year industrial legacy, supplies modern locomotives and trains to Poland, Germany, Hungary, and the Netherlands. For Sii engineers, this is an extraordinary opportunity to be involved in the entire production process of trains, subways, or streetcars – from the design stage to commissioning, series testing, and a number of research and development programs that take place on-site.

Due to the specialized nature of the project, the beginning of cooperation with Alstom Konstal was a challenge for the Sii team, which led to new and unique competencies in the area of rolling stock production. An effective understanding of the client’s needs, a thorough analysis of the requirements, and many hours of business meetings made it possible to create the expected profiles and start the recruitment process.

A specialized team with unique competencies and continuous development

Within a few months, it was possible to build a team of ten specialists, including CAD designers, equipment testers, and technologists, who support the client in the areas of supply chain maintenance, processes, technical documentation, or electrical equipment testing.

— Alstom Konstal is a client that provides us with a lot of valuable experience. The professional approach to business, the profiles of specialists that are not typical for Sii, and the production of rolling stock instead of software development are areas that differ from our previous railroad signaling projects — says Dorian Kolasiński, Associate Business Manager.

By starting cooperation with Sii Polska, the client gained a proven business partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

— Entering the rolling stock area has long been one of the goals of Sii’s Katowice branch. I’m glad that last year this goal was realized, thus opening new development paths for our company — emphasizes Mariusz Czarnecki, Account Executive at Sii Poland.

Expanding cooperation and boosting expertise – Sii’s goals for the future

Sii intends to provide support to the client in the train design industry, enabling engineers to participate in the development of the next versions of Pendolino trains. Additionally, Sii plans to strengthen its cooperation with Alstom within the global Sii Group to assist the company in multiple countries such as Sweden, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, and Morocco. Sii Poland is also committed to enhancing the engineering staff’s competencies and intends to provide the best among them with co-funded railroad education opportunities.

Check out our offer and learn about the solutions that Sii Poland creates for the rail industry. Contact our expert and find out how we can support your company. 

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