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Passion and professionalism. Learn about the career path of Ewa Bogucka, CRM Domain Leader at Sii Poland

Read an inspiring conversation with Ewa, who has been with Sii Polska for over a decade. In the interview, Ewa shares her experiences from promotions to managing key projects and practical advice for people who want to follow a similar career path. Find out how Ewa turned challenges into successes by taking advantage of the development opportunities offered by Sii Poland and how she maintained a career-life balance in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Please tell us about your career path at Sii Poland.

The adventure with Sii began for me in June 2013 in the Gdansk branch. My work was quickly appreciated, and within a year, I got promoted from Junior Administration Specialist to Team Leader — in a nutshell, my role was to streamline the team’s work in addition to handling operational tasks. My desire for further development led me to become a Business Process Consultant, formerly a Power User. For more than seven years, I had the opportunity to co-create key processes and modify applications used by Sii employees. This role brought me great satisfaction and motivated me to expand my competencies. During this time, I became a mother twice — I am proud to say that this did not hinder my career. 

For over a year, I have held the position of CRM Domain Leader, responsible for the development and maintenance of the CRM system and coordinating the work of a team of more than 30 people. My experience shows that maintaining a work-life balance is possible!

What changes have occurred in the company since you joined? How have they affected your career? 

From the beginning, I valued the opportunity for integration in our company; it was my priority to adapt to a new place. Over the years, I have witnessed the company’s growth, including changes in systems, processes, and the organization’s development. The COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point, and Sii adapted to the new reality, reinforcing my sense of stability and security, which was especially important during those uncertain times. On the other hand, remote work provides me with more flexibility and makes it easier to organize my private life. Nonetheless, I still visit the office regularly to maintain direct contact with co-workers rather than being limited to virtual meetings only.

What does your typical workday look like? 

I start my day by setting specific tasks that I need to complete. Although I only sometimes manage to complete all the plans, every day brings new challenges and goals to achieve. I begin my day with a Daily meeting to discuss our current and planned tasks.

However, working in the IT team requires flexibility — in addition to routine duties, unexpected situations often arise that require a quick response. During the day, I participate in many project meetings where we decide on application development and deployment. Daily I work with Project Managers, Team Managers of IT teams, Business Process Consultants, and Process Owners.

What were the biggest challenges you faced during your career at Sii?

I can mention two main challenges. First — returning to work after my first maternity leave. The hardest part was balancing being a mom and returning to a full-time job in a different department while keeping up with the changes that occurred while I was away, which required considerable adjustment. The most important things for me were prioritization, effective time management, and having supportive and understanding co-workers.

The second challenge was migrating the CRM to the cloud. I am currently working on migrating the CRM system from on-premise to Dynamics 365. This project means a technological change and the need to adapt processes developed and refined over the years. As a critical internal project, it represents a great responsibility and a sign of trust in me and my team. The project’s complexity, numerous tasks, and high intensity drive me to grow personally and professionally.

What else motivates you to develop? 

In my professional and personal life, the most important thing for me is the pursuit of self-realization and developing passions. I value setting realistic goals and constantly raising the bar. Equally important to me is a good atmosphere at work and cooperation with others. Working at Sii, I can meet people with whom I keep in touch outside the office, sharing professional experiences and passions, such as running and the daily challenges of parenthood. I also appreciate that over the years, Sii has repeatedly enabled me to participate in numerous training courses, significantly developing my skills and shaping my career path.

Could you share with us an initiative that was particularly important during your time at our company?

Participating in the 40th Warsaw Marathon was a remarkable experience for me. As one of 40 representatives, I felt a strong sense of community within the company. The balance between the spirit of competition and the desire to cooperate and cheer each other on was inspiring. I never thought I could run such a long distance before this event. This experience proved that commitment and hard work can turn challenges into successes.

Do you have any tips for people who want to develop their careers similarly to yours?

Don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams. Having the courage to share your ideas is fundamental, and Sii offers you the chance to develop and implement innovative solutions. Be an initiator of change and improvement. It’s essential to appreciate your colleagues and inspire them with your passion. If your work satisfies and motivates you, you can become an example for others by demonstrating the importance of doing what you love.

What are your professional and personal goals for the upcoming years?

My main professional goal is to bring to completion a key project to migrate the CRM system to the cloud. This is a complex and multi-stage project that involves several internal IT teams. It’s very important to me to ensure end-user satisfaction and to keep my team members motivated and satisfied.

On a personal level, my goal is to continue participating in mountain adventure running both in Poland and abroad. I am also the coordinator of the Sii Running Team and plan to develop the community. Another important goal is fulfilling my role as a wife and mother, and I strive to inspire my children to enjoy life to the fullest. In addition, if I find free time, I want to take up gardening and join the ranks of enthusiasts in this field.

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