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Performing automated tests and remotely controlled – see the new DMI robot in action

Engineers from Sii Poland have created a prototype machine for automation of control panels testing in trains that will replace manual tests of equipment. The robot which can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world will be used by a leading manufacturer of planes and trains as part of a bigger IT system. 

Sii Poland, a leader in IT services and engineering in Poland, created the robot prototype to replace manual testing of machines. Its implementation was carried out by the engineers from Engineering and Embedded Competency Centers who created the entire device from scratch. – As part of the project, we designed and built a device that performs physical clicks for testing touch screens  explains Kamil Zorychta, Architect in Sii Polandone of the team members engaged in the project. The role of these screens is to monitor and control the machine, which is equipped with two alternating interfaces. This is a very responsible function so the project that will be used in the railway industry had to meet the highest requirements as to quality, reliability and safety. 

 Sii Poland has undertaken a comprehensive implementation of the project, carrying out all the necessary work, such as designing 3D model of the robot, preparing technical drawings of its individual parts, designing electronics for control, writing software and creating technical documentation  says Kamil Zorychta.  The greatest satisfaction for us was achieving the opportunity to perform remote work on a physical screen without interfering with the construction of the robot. Thanks to this option, you can control it from anywhere in the world, having the ability to view its work and effects in realtime  he adds.

The use of the robot in the screen testing process will increase the efficiency of performed tasks, speed of delivery of results and will reduce the costs of this extremely important process. 

Watch the video to see how the robot created by the engineers from Sii Poland works and what technologies were used in this project.

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