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Program, DIY, play and learn – LOFI Robot workshops for the youngest

Robotics workshops which will inspire your kid and spark a passion for the latest technologies and programing. The LOFI Robot workshops is an initiative started thanks to one of Sii’s employees, Mateusz Małek, who brought his idea to the company’s volunteering program incubator – Sii Power Volunteers.

Thanks to a unique approach to the question of  technology, totally different than the school didactic program, the action became very popular. The young participants of the workshops receive a one of a kind chance of playing and learning through programming. Already two cycles of the classes – in total 8 workshops for children and teenagers were held.

The meetings started from a very basic level , which was an opportunity for the youngest children to become familiar with technologies totally new to them. They could coble with devices that they have created and learn the basics of coding. For most of them it was the first go at building a real robot!

The great success of the classes motivated Mateusz Małek to start a new, advanced level course, this time with the use of servomotors and Arduino and Scratch programming. He has also decided to expand his idea and hold a demo class for older primary school students.

Even kindergartens were interested in the workshops and now also the youngest children will get the chance of getting familiar with the world of robots and robotics. At the end of April, 3 demo lessons were organized. They became such a hit, that in the summer new workshops are planned in a town outside of Poznań – Szamotuły.

We also have some good news for all those interested in the topic of programing for the youngest! On May 27 at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, a programming conference for children will be held, it is a part of the global devoxx4kids movement. It will be a great opportunity for children to have their first contact with programming and all this while playing. One of the persons involved in creating the educational content of the event will be once again Mateusz Małek – an employee of Sii Poland and the organizer of LOFI Robot workshops.

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