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Redefining data excellence. The collaborative journey of Sii Poland and Snowflake     

With the dynamic growth of data volumes in the business world, there is a need to implement tools allowing the optimization of the process of data processing and analysis. Various cloud solutions are available on the market, but the decision to choose a specific platform involves a comprehensive analysis of requirements, functionalities, integration capabilities, and security measures tailored to the organization’s needs. The key is a thoughtful selection of a platform that will perform well in a particular environment, its proper implementation, and thorough post-implementation support. All of this can be provided by experienced Sii specialists, with hundreds of projects related to developing data-based strategies in their portfolio. 

Data Processing at Sii Poland 

For nearly seven years, the Data & Analytics Competency Center at Sii Poland has been building collaborations with numerous providers of data management and analytics solutions. As a result, the unit offers a variety of solutions for storing, processing, and sharing information through secure, scalable data platforms. 

— Our center supports all clients seeking convenient, intuitive tools for data management, regardless of their profile or scale of operation — says Małgorzata Wodzisławska, Data & Analytics Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. — We have the expertise and resources to conduct audits of existing solutions, as well as to create and implement comprehensive plans for data migration to the cloud, always ensuring the continuity of user operations — she adds. 

Understanding the diverse needs and visions of service recipients, Sii experts value flexibility in their approach to each project. The strategy is built based on information gathered before starting activities and tailored in every aspect to the client’s business processes and technology capabilities. Equally important are the target audience and the list of tasks set for the implemented tool. The collaboration model and the type of support expected by the serviced company are also considered. Based on conducted interviews, it is possible to identify a solution that guarantees full security and implementation efficiency. 

Sii Poland uses modern data platforms and provides support from over 250 specialists, including solution architects, analysts, consultants, data engineers, developers, and testers. As part of projects, long-term partnerships with leading cloud solution providers offering assistance and in-depth technical knowledge necessary for achieving the client’s goals are established. — One of the partners of the Data & Analytics Competency Center is the American provider of globally used data cloud, Snowflake. Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer clients a flexible and scalable solution guaranteeing a short TTM (time to market) — explains Leszek Kwaśniewski, Solution Architect at Sii Poland and partnership initiator. 

How does Snowflake work in the cloud? 

Snowflake’s flagship solution is a highly efficient cloud platform enabling the storage, processing, sharing, and analysis of any amount of data. The tool can collect and combine both structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, regardless of their type. Additionally, the platform’s unique architecture makes scaling resources much simpler than with traditional databases. 

Snowflake is also an ideal way to manage data in real time. With its help, access to the dataset is immediate and unlimited, eliminating the risk of any delays. The situation is similar for data analysis and queries, which can also be handled continuously. This, in turn, translates into the ability to make faster decisions and increase the efficiency of business activities. 

In the case of cloud technologies, the security of stored data, which Snowflake places great emphasis on, is extremely important. The platform offered by the company is based on robust, multi-layered security, encryption, and access controls, allowing for monitoring potential threats and effectively preventing them. As a result, the Snowflake solution is ideal for companies obligated to meet rigorous data security requirements. 

— At the core of Snowflake’s philosophy are universality and flexibility. Our platform meets these two criteria as a complete tool offering users a coherent experience — explains Tomasz Mazurek, Senior Partner Lead for Eastern Europe at Snowflake Poland. — That’s why it’s used in complex analytical projects requiring the involvement of multiple teams located in different geographical regions and adjusting resources to dynamically changing needs — he adds. 

When Sii Poland and Snowflake join forces 

The partnership between Sii Poland and Snowflake includes a series of projects carried out using the popular cloud platform, with the scope and number of joint activities constantly growing. Evidence of this is Sii Poland being awarded the Snowflake SELECT partner title, which is an official confirmation of the expertise of the Data & Analytics Competency Center’s specialists. Plans for the coming months include the next initiatives to support clients in building and then developing data-driven business strategies, as well as expanding the pool of certified experts. 

What interesting joint efforts have been made by Sii Poland and Snowflake? 


As part of the project, an existing data warehouse solution was migrated to the Snowflake and AWS environment. The migration aimed to become resistant to unavailability associated with the poor performance of the previous solution and the end of its lifecycle and warranty. — Our team planned the migration process, prepared migration scripts to move objects, and worked on building processes to feed the new data warehouse — explains Krzysztof Saniak, Solution Architect at Sii Poland. 

Due to the use of the data warehouse by product groups that create their own objects and analytical elements, and on them their own QlikView reports, it was necessary to configure the environment in such a way that the solution was reliable, fully secure, and scalable. 

Producer of smoke-free tobacco products 

The project involves a full understanding of the client’s analytical needs and the appropriate use of optimal technological solutions to meet them. Expert work includes moving current data warehouse functionalities to the Snowflake and AWS environment. The system remains the main focus of the project as a key element in the process of reporting all activities related to customer service, sales, distribution, and marketing of offered products. 

Global company from gambling and betting industry

The team working on the project is tasked with migrating data about players from European countries to the new system. The migration includes information about user accounts, their histories, preferences, and limits, as well as placed and future bets. The data is taken from several different operating systems and ultimately transferred to the AWS Storage environment and Snowflake warehouse.   

The Sii Poland team is responsible for the entire migration process, from extracting data from source systems, through transformations, to creating materialized tables in the format specified by the client. 

The future of cloud solutions 

It is expected that in the coming years, more and more organizations will decide to migrate their data to the cloud. Meanwhile, those that have already implemented cloud platforms for data processing and analysis will invest in their regular optimization. Consequently, we can expect further development of analytical tools that will allow companies to manage resources more flexibly, streamline business processes, and better understand customer behaviors. 

Learn more about Sii Poland’s Data & Analytics solutions and unlock their potential in your company. Contact our experts and discover new possibilities. 

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