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Register to the GET.NET Conference in Łódź!

On April 16 2016, in Łódź the GET.NET conference will take place – it will already be the fifth edition of this event, connected to the .NET and related technologies, organized by Sii. Two parallel conference sessions are planned, and the participation is free of charge! 

In the GET.NET conference program we will find talks of i.a. programmers and bloggers: Maurice de Beijer and Marcin Malinowski, or Michał Łusiak. During the conference, which will take place at the Filology Faculty of the Łódź University, such topics as the Internet of Things and what does the .Net platform have to do with it, the cloud paradigm or the application architecture, will be discussed. The conference is free of charge and aimed at .NET and related technology enthusiasts. A detailed plan of the conference, as well as information about the speakers and the registration form are available here

Get.NET is dedicated to professional programmers, students, academic teachers and others, interested in this technology – says Maciej Topczewski, Head of the Łódź Sii branch. – This event unites the environment – speakers from Poland and from abroad show up. This year we are counting on 400 participants. We guarantee a wonderful and creative atmosphere, promoting knowledge sharing. The opinions of the participants of the previous edition confirm this. Please feel invited!

The conference is organized by Sii Poland with the partnership of the 4 programmers service, the Warsaw .NET group the Łódź .NET group of professionals and the media sponsorship of the Spotkania IT (IT meetings) and Młodzi w Łodzi (Youth in Łódź) portals, as well as TVP Łódź.

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