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Sii among 30 Best Workplaces in Europe

On June 14th , The Best Workplaces in Europe were announced by the Great Place to Work Institute. Sii was ranked 22nd  in the category of Best Large Workplaces with over 500 workers. It is the first time the company has appeared on this prestigious list and it is one of the two companies from Poland, which received an individual award (not as a Polish site of an international concern).  

– It is a great honour to claim this prestigious prize on behalf of all our employees – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief Human Resources Offcer at Sii, who represented the company at the conference in Athens. – Together we create an organization recognized as a Great Place to Work, where we grow together, we build a team based on mutual respect and trust, where we feel good and we are simply ourselves. The 22nd position is a confirmation of that and it is an award for the hard work of the entire team! – she adds.

To create the ranking, the Great Place to Work Institute surveyed more than 1.6 million employees from 2.800 companies across Europe, who participated in an anonymous work satisfaction audit. The ranking assessed the employees’ perspective on leadership, innovation, inclusion, organizational culture and trust among others. Local sites of international companies were considered a part of a larger organizations, that is why some firms from national rankings are mentioned in a different category on the European list. However, concerning the whole continent, the European ranking is much bigger and more competitive. Therefore Sii being one of the two Polish companies awarded the prize is  great distinction (the other Polish company is Objectivity).

– The value of this award is that it is based mainly on the analysis of the employees opinions – emphasizes Kucharska. – Thanks to that we are sure that engagement, open communication, transparency and trust are not empty slogans, but the true feelings of our employees, common values which have a real impact on the company.  Such a workplace cannot be overestimated! – the CHRO at Sii adds.

In the European ranking Sii is listed for the very first time. On the Poland’s list of The Best Workplaces the company has been ranked for 4 years, working hard for its position among the best employers (currently being on the fourth place in the category of big companies). During this time the Sii team has grown from 1800 to 3500 employees and maintains a high satisfaction score. According to the survey, over 89% of Sii experts declare that they can be themselves at work and 95% of them would certainly recommend the company’s services.

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