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Sii appreciated by employees for the fifth time. The Great Place to Work title is ours!

For the fifth time, the analysis of anonymous employee questionnaire and culture audit played a decisive role in Sii’s winning the prestigious Great Place to Work in Poland Award! Sii ranked second in the Best Large Workplaces with over 500 Workers category. The recognition in the most prestigious HR ranking proves that the company, which employs over 4,000 employees, creates a stable and friendly workplace.

Sii was presented with this award for the first time in 2015 when its team consisted of about 2,000 people. This year the company got it for the fifth time in a row, winning recognition of the team twice as big – at the beginning of April, the number of Sii experts exceeded 4,000.

–  This title is one of the most significant awards to us – says Gregoire Nitot, Sii’s founder and CEO. – It proves that at Sii we are happy and fulfilled, able to develop and realize our ambitious goals. Since the very beginning, one of the company’s aims has been employees’ satisfaction. People form Sii and realization of the rest of our objectives, i.e. profit, fun, clients’ satisfaction, and growing above the market, depends on them. We can all feel very proud, especially since with our fast growth pace, the atmosphere and the spirit remain great. We all contribute to that every day and such engagement is what makes Power People stand out – adds Nitot.

The key element of the Great Place to Work survey are the opinions of employees, which account for 2/3 of the total score. The assessment includes 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, honesty, pride, and companionship. Great results allowed the company to repeat the success of previous years. „Taking everything into consideration, my company is a great place to work,” declared 87% of Sii employees. Moreover, as many as 97% of them believe that “Sii has a great atmosphere”. The remaining 1/3 is a company’s cultural audit, which includes an analysis of its procedures, processes, and all habits.

– The survey gives us the possibility to take a closer look at Sii employees’ happiness. All things bringing either satisfaction or worries should be taken into account to indicate those areas that need changes – says Joanna Kucharska, Chief Human Resources Officer w Sii. – We look at the company as a whole, but also analyze results from different Sii’s sites and groups of respondents. Dividing opinions of people into groups based on age, sex, seniority, and position allows us to notice differences in the way Sii is perceived and optimize corrective activities – explains Kucharska. – We hope that our improvement plans will let us win the title also in the coming years.

Sii is among the Best Workplaces, including such companies as Cisco, Microsoft, Akamai, Objectivity, 3M or EY Poland. This year, for the first time the winners were selected from the group of companies with the Great Place to Work® Certificate. This certificate confirms that the company builds and develops the exceptional and unique relationships with its employees.

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