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Sii at the ABSL Conference

The 6th ABSL Conference, which took place in Cracow on 16-17 June, wouldn’t be complete without Sii’s presence.  The main theme of the most significant event in 2015, dedicated to the Business Sector, was “The powerhouse of Europe – Poland as the undisputed leader in business services on the Continent”.

Unchangingly, the ABSL Conference is the biggest networking and knowledge sharing platform for Managers representing the key companies in the IT and business services sectors. This year, the two-day conference gathered over 80 speakers and 800 delegates discussing the trends, economic forecasts and main challenges for business practitioners, such as: process automation in Shared Services or implementation of robots for managing recurring tasks.

– CRM, ERP and ECM were among the much discussed topics at the Conference. Sii has a number of specialists with a vast experience in implementing varied solutions, also Big Data ones, which enables us to satisfy the increasing demand of investors for tools which bring financially beneficial results. We respect the market needs and provide dedicated solutions for the Retail and Manufacturing sectors, such as: Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and SharePoint. We managed the successful implementation of the tools at DNB, Swiss pharmaceutical Group or Media-Press. – says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Sii Katowice Branch Director.

– Thanks to large number of Sii Branches, we are capable of providing services from any place in Poland. The Sii Branch in Cracow is developing extremely dynamically –  at the moment we employ nearly 200 specialists – and we are able to provide our Clients with most niche skills, not only in the area of data collection, but also in information management. The rampant growth of Sii Cracow is simultaneous with the development of the City – Cracow is placed in the top ten of outsourcing locations  – says Ryszard Pytko, Sii Cracow Branch Director.

Among the speakers invited to the Conference, there were: Tony Blair (Prime Minister of Great Britain), Johan Karlstrom (President Skanska AB), Steve Bandrowczak (Senior Vice President Hewlett-Packard) and Reuven Gorsht – (Vice President SAP).

The Conference was organized by ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland), an association that represents services dedicated to the business sector, which brings together research and development centers, shared services, business outsourcing and IT processes, as well as companies working towards the development of the business sector.

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