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At the end of last fiscal year, Sii Poland has created four new offering and organizational units. This strategic decision allows the company to provide comprehensive services tailored to the needs of individual sectors of the economy to better support the development of its clients’ business.

Sii Poland has been present on the market for 13 years. During this time, the company structure changed dynamically, new branches and new organizational units were created, and the client list has been growing stronger. From the very beginning, the company has been focusing on good cooperation, creating the best relationships and partnerships based on understanding of its customers’ problems. To be able to better respond to their business needs, we focused on specializations and organizational units for specific sectors. The first effects of this change are already noticeable.

– Last year we decided to establish the role of Head of Industry and focus on the needs of the sectors of the economy in which we have been operating for years – says Ryszard Pytko, Chief Commercial Officer at Sii. – The person accountable for a given sector is primarily responsible for that sector business development through substantive sales support, preparing and maintaining marketing materials related to the sector, and taking care of the knowledge exchange in the company in relation to the given industry. Thanks to industry division, we gain the opportunity to become a partner for our clients, a partner who can create needs and propose solutions instead of reactively providing resources. Focusing on sectors allows us to make sound investment decisions and build internal communities around a specific industry – he explains.

Strategic development towards banking

Banking is the first and also the largest sector distinguished in Sii Poland. The largest in many aspects, such as the number of clients or income from projects implemented in this sector. In the past financial year alone, over 60 companies from this industry have trusted us.

Banking is a strategic direction for Sii. The company has solid experience in this industry, dozens of completed projects and over 600 people on board working on them. It provides its clients with the highest quality of services, supporting them in the process of digital transformation. It also facilitates their optimal data analysis using artificial intelligence and Big Data as well as providing the best service through electronic and mobile banking.

A community of automotive enthusiasts

The second sector we are concentrating on is the automotive sector. Contrary to popular belief, automotive is not just engineering, which is why Sii experts, automotive enthusiasts, are working on comprehensive solutions for this area, from R&D solutions, through production automation, testing and finally IT systems.

– The Automotive industry has long had its ardent enthusiasts, arouses controversy and it is governed by its own laws, but also drives the development of modern economies – says Szymon Karaś, Head of Industry Automotive in Sii. – From 2019, Sii also joins the group of companies specializing in providing solutions dedicated to this sector. In the newly created Automotive division, we focus our knowledge and experience acquired for over a decade to create an Automotive offer dedicated to Tier 1 and 2 suppliers and directly for OEMs – he adds.

The community around the automotive sector is also developing in Sii Poland, it is already over 200 enthusiasts. Forming the automotive industry as a separate unit allows the company not only to better adapt the offer to the clients’ needs, but also enables building processes for the exchange of knowledge within a given sector.

Top secret, innovative solutions for high-tech and electronics

A high level of access control security and secret laboratories – cooperation with the high-tech and electronics sectors is not always easy, but it is very rewarding. Sii’s experts create innovative R&D projects that only a few have access to. From telecommunication solutions and the 5G network changing the world, to intelligent buildings, chips mandatory for any device to exist, to payment terminals or solutions ensuring cyber security – these are all areas of Sii’s expertise.

The pace of change in the technology that surrounds us is enormous. It drives the next generation of solutions and devices that simplify our lives and ensure security. Internet of Things or rather Intelligence of Things are driving the demand for highly efficient chips and memory.

– Sii’s competitive high-tech and electronics services are designed to meet the sophisticated expectations of companies in this sector. For over 10 years we have been a strategic partner for many international corporations and we help them develop innovative products and services used by millions of people in the world – says Przemysław Włoczkowski, Head of Industry High-tech and Electronics.

Currently, in High-tech and electronics sector in Sii works over 1,000 engineers providing services to 35 global corporations.

Task force team for public sector and utilities

For several years, Sii Polska experts have been cooperating with the public sector and utilities, providing not only comprehensive services tailored to the needs of clients, but also tailor-made solutions. Piotr Żukowski, Head of Industry Public and Utilities at Sii, admits that the company has the pleasure to work with a special tasks force team.

– We operate on two markets in our sector – public and utilities. We ended last year with a very good result, increasing revenues from these sectors by almost 60%. We are proud, among other projects, of the project for the Ministry of Justice, developing and maintaining the well-known KRK system. Our engineers take part in various initiatives, e.g. together with the Central Information Technology Center, we work on e-Services for our country. We also provide our own products. Last year, we launched our solution for Academic Career Center – Sii Career – at the Catholic University of Lublin – says Piotr Żukowski.

Sii is aware of the specific characteristics, challenges, limitations and possibilities of each of the sectors that we work with every day. Each area requires a different experience, different knowledge and passion to build solutions that will contribute to its development. The company bases its strategy on expanding its offer in a mature way so as to become the best specialized partner for clients.

Sii Polska will soon expand its offer to include further sectors. One of them will be the retail services and consumer goods industry. To receive detailed information about our offer prepared for specific sectors, we encourage you to contact us.

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