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Sii conquers Rzeszow. It is the ninth branch of the IT and engineering services leader

Sii, one of the fastest growing IT and engineering companies, opens its ninth branch in Poland. In Rzeszow the company will be pursuing projects in areas like: application building, Business Intelligence, electrical and mechanical engineering. Within a year, several dozen persons will be hired by Sii Rzeszow.

Sii Poland was established in 2006 and in a few years became a leader of the new technologies industry.  In January 2018 the company opened a new branch. Sii decided to develop its business in Rzeszow. – Opening Sii Rzeszow was a strategic decision, which is consistent with Sii Poland’s development plan. The company is growing dynamically in terms of revenue and we are reinvesting our profit. Rzeszow is a great market for hiring because of its proximity to highly regarded academic centers. Moreover it offers many business opportunities, not only in IT, but especially in the field of engineering. It would be a waste not to take advantage of this potential – says Gregoire Nitot, CEO and founder of Sii Poland.

Sii Rzeszow pursues projects for clients from various sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical. Technologies primarily employed in projects are: Java, .NET, Web Development and C/C++/Embedded. Sii Rzeszow’s offer consists of custom applications, Business Intelligence systems based on SharePoint, Dynamics  AX, Salesfore and workflow management systems as well as services in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering among others.

Within a year, Sii is planning to hire several dozen people in Rzeszow. Developers with at least three years of experience are especially saught after. – Rzeszow is a market with tremendous potential thanks to the Rzeszow University of Technology, The University of Rzeszow and a few other great universities with IT and engineering programs. It is also a great place to live and develop one’s career. Apart from many green areas and its rich cultural offer, the proximity of an international airport is one of Rzeszow’s significant advantages – says Tomasz Eberbach, Sii Rzeszow Site Manager.

Currently the company hires over 3400 experts. Joining Sii Rzeszow is a chance for development in a stable company carrying out projects for clients from all over the world. – It is not just an opportunity to stay in the city, but also a chance to come back. Until recently, I have worked in the City of London. I was willing to come back to my hometown on the condition that I would find a job at an esteemed company. Sii’s offer convinced me. In addition, as a person passionate about HR, I couldn’t reject an offer from a company whose mission is to identify and promote the best employees – says Maciej Chyła, HR & Recruitment Department Specialist at Sii Rzeszow.

Apart from a number of benefits offered to employees, Sii is known for its great work atmosphere. For three years in a row, based on an anonymous employee satisfaction survey, the company was awarded the Great Place to Work title. In addition, those, who will move to Rzeszow to work at Sii, will be offered an attractive relocation package.

All current job offers of Sii Rzeszow can be found at

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