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    Sii in the Daj Się Poznać 2016 Programming Contest

    Thanks to our technological blog, Bloger could be the second name of Sii Power People, who share their knowledge with us on Blogersii every single day and support the most important initiatives of the Polish  IT blogosphere.

    One of these initiatives is the  Daj Się Poznać 2016 contest, sponsored by Sii in which two of our specialists from the SharePoint Practice – Jakub Hossa ( and Konrad Rugała ( are participating.

    The contest was an initiative of Maciej Aniserowicz – a titled MVP in the .NET category, a speaker at the Get.Net conference and creator of the  DevTalk web development podcast. Daj się poznać aims at activating the community of web developers, gaining knowledge and sharing it with others.

    The participation in the competition consists of developing an original open source project and writing about this experience on an IT blog for minimum 10 weeks. More than 100 IT bloggers have already enrolled to the program.

    We are keeping our fingers crossed for our representatives and their projects. We encourage you to follow the work progress on their personal technological blogs and read the articles written by Konrad and Jakub on SharePoint on Blogersii. 

    Schedule of the program:

    March 13: enrollment deadline

    March-May: main competition

    First half of June: announcement of winners

    18th of June 2016: Closing Gala

    We would like to invite you to follow the competition on


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