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Sii Katowice is developing dynamically. The branch has tripled its office space since it is planning to hire 100 persons within a year

The number of employees of Sii Katowice has exceeded 200. In connection to the plans for a continued dynamic development and hiring further 100 persons within a year, the company has invested in a new office and increased its surface almost threefold. Among the advantages of the new office are among others: the location in the strict centre of Katowice and a perfectly designed space.

The team of engineers from Sii Katowice is carrying out a series of technologically advanced projects, such as LIRR for the Canadian transportation concern Bombardier. Sii employees are watching over the security of millions of passengers of the New York subway, while working on the DMS system, which aim is to which role is to improve the effectiveness of the diagnostics of malfunctions. – We work for great international companies as well as startups, carrying out projects, which have an impact on society. In the following year we are planning to start cooperation with even more partners, for whom we will have the opportunity to pursue innovative and challenging projects for our engineers – says Krzysztof Danilewicz, Sii Katowice Director.

Sii Katowice is continuously strengthening its position on the Silesian market and carrying out projects from companies for the biggest companies from the banking, transportation, railway, automotive, industry, the automatics and robotics area. – First and foremost we are looking for software engineers working with the latest technologies, such as: JAVA, .NET, ASP.NET, C#, C, C++, Python. Experienced PLC and Eplan specialists, Roboticists, Manual Testers, QA engineers, Business Analysts and Business Intelligence experts are also welcome to apply – says Paweł Domański, Recruitment Team Leader.

Sii Katowice is one of the youngest Sii branches. In as little as 4 years the team has reached over 200 experts. Due to the dynamic expansion it was necessary to change offices. The new one is three times bigger than the previous one, the space was increased from 390 m2 to 945m2. –  Over the past year 100 persons joined our team. We would like to keep up this dynamic and a bigger office space will enable that  – says Paweł Domański.

For the Katowice branch it is the first move from the moment of its establishment in 2014. The new location of Sii Katowice is an A class office building – Katowice Business Point, at 3 Ściegiennego Street. The doors and walls of the ultramodern conference rooms are covered in text written in local dialect and there are several references to the tradition of the region, e.g. in the BYFYJ room there is a typical Silesian dresser. What is more, in the vicinity characteristic cultural and entertainment facilities can be found, such as the Silesian Stadium, Spodek, NOSPR, Park Rozrywki (Amusement Park) with the biggest roller coaster in Central-Eastern Europe, the Silesian Park and the ZOO.

– Thanks to a great location, you can get to the strict centre of the city fast and easy; it is only 2 km away. The highest comfort of working environment is ensured by modern furnishing and spacious project rooms. One of the biggest advantages of our new office is the fantastically designed kitchen and Fun Room, which is a perfect getaway from everyday difficulties – emphasizes Danilewicz.

Sii Poland was established in 2006 and in a matter of several years has transformed from a small company with several persons into a dynamic enterprise which is a top provider of IT and engineering services. Today the company employes more than 3600 specialists in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Łódź, Lublin, Katowice and only recently Rzeszów.

Sii concentrates its technical competencies in Competency Centers. These units have a high level of specialization in specific areas and technologies like: Business Intelligence, Digital, Dynamics 365, IT Operations, Legacy Systems, Office 365, Salesforce, Service Desk, Engineering, Testing, Training and since recently also BPO, SAP and Embedded.

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