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Sii Poland helps fighting the crisis with advanced production automation solutions

Sii Engineering Competency Center works with worldwide leaders of industrial automation sector to complete major projects in the scope of PLC & robot programming and commissioning. The solutions designed in the area of production automation will help the companies fight the COVID-19 crisis.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the face of production processes worldwide. Industrial engineering sector is forced to implement new solutions to ensure manufacturing remains efficient for business and safe for the people involved.  

– Our partners often recognize the potential of cooperation with Sii due to respectable position on the Polish market established by introducing innovative automation solutions over the years. With 15 years of experience and over 150 highly skilled engineers at Sii Engineering Competency Center, we are the proven choice for industrial automation clients. Apart from flexibility, quick ramp up/ramp down and 1000 m2 of own shop floor, we bring our clients Smart Factory solutions – digitalization of production processes in accordance with Industry 4.0 conceptsays Agnieszka Hayashida, Business Manager at Sii Poland. 

A reliable partner in the crisis 

Due to engagement and expertise of Sii engineers, further clients appreciate Sii’s services, KUKA Assembly & Test GmbH among them. 

Sii has already presented itself as a competent and extremely flexible partner with a strong and capable team. Working with them is goal-oriented and very pleasant. Sii makes a major contribution to KUKA’s success, as the consistent advancement of the necessary work shows good results – says Kim Fiedler, Concept Engineer Controls at KUKA Assembly & Test GmbH. – Thanks to Sii, we gain honest partnership, quality awareness, adherence to deadlines and of course costs optimization. In addition, flexibility is a very important factor. Sii is a large company specialized in various areas. The size of the company allows a high degree of flexibility. The internal quality assurance in the area of ​​PLC software is also worth mentioning – he adds. 

– Due to the success of the smaller projects implemented with Sii in 2019, we begin to get in a closer relationship. Thanks to the extensive possibilities that Sii offers us, we can complete our projects faster and cost-effectively. We have one competent first contact person for all concerns, and all requests are answered fast and professionally. In the future, we are planning to start more full-service projects from one supplier and therefore, we see Sii as a very professional partner – says Dirk Klingenberg, Procurement Manager at KUKA Assembly & Test GmbH. 

How does the production market change? 

In the face of the crisis, factories and manufacturing companies are undergoing significant modifications. Maintaining flexibility and control over manufacturing processes is the key to efficient production management. 

Factories are transforming their processes and implementing cuttingedge technologies – says Przemysław Włoczkowski, Head of Hi-Tech, Electronic and Industrial Engineering Industry at Sii Poland. – They need to support predictive maintenance, connected workers, intelligent planning, digital twin, just to mention few of them. Leadership teams look for employees with a fundamentally different perspective; empowered engineers and technicians with tools to manage and solve cases and assist customers virtually. This new generation of factories can produce goods regardless of external factors, such as shortages and price changes of both products and services, closed borders or quarantined workers. Leading manufacturing companies are deploying a Smart Factory concept to digitize and robotize production – he adds. 

How to make an impact on the industry by bringing Smart Factory solutions to the largest number of beneficiaries? Partnering with global OEM suppliers provides such possibilities thanks to industrial robots and automation systems with diverse fields of application, which they produce. Those machines are used in various sectors, such as the manufacturing of production and assembly lines e.g. for car engines. This is where Sii Engineering Competency Center partners with such suppliers. 

Sii Poland automates the production of hybrid cars 

The Sii’s newest contribution to automotive manufacturing automation involves three transmission production lines for the client’s final customer. Apart from the flexible approach, Sii proactively proposed tools that ensure maintaining proper quality of the developed software. As a result, the client chose Sii as the vendor to deliver the project based on PLC and robot programming and ultimately, commissioning of the production line for hybrid cars in two locations – the USA and Germany. 

We are delivering 3 lines with a total of about 30-40 robots. Thanks to the involvement of Sii engineers, the client can complete their projects faster, cost-effectively and with internal quality assurance in the area of ​​PLC software– says Kamil Korziuk, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland. 

– We are looking into the future to become a long-term reliable partner for leaders of industrial automation sector. In particular, we focus on the proposition for our partners to enter Sii program: Road to Smart Factory a full range of tools to achieve the process digitalization. Starting with the analysis of current processes, both on hardware and software layer, and defining all necessary actions to achieve Industry 4.0 assumptions, we integrate tools for parameters monitoring and automation of collecting data. Next, we analyze production using archived data and production visualization, HMI, ANDON and SCADA systems, to prepare for the next step: introducing applications for production management and process control. Complete Smart Factory solutions mean the autonomous response with AI predictive maintenance, Business Intelligence, cloud solutions and Data Warehouses. This implementation proves to be beneficial for both the companies and their end customers – says Przemysław Grzanka, Engineering Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. 

Sii Poland engineers develop most advanced industrial automation solutions, helping world leaders fight the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. This technological advancement will benefit the whole industry all over the world. 

To learn more about our offer, visit our website and contact us! 

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