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Sii Poland stronger than ever in the energy, hi-tech, automotive and healthcare industries! Explore our business news

The third quarter of 2020 has brought Sii Poland many exciting projects in the field of green energy, production line automation, medical laboratory diagnostics and many more. Learn more about Sii’s most important successes in the last quarter.

Establishing cooperation with German Automotive OEM

Since August, Sii has been supporting data center infrastructure maintenance for German car manufacturer’s site. The services include monitoring, handling breakdowns, supervising other suppliers, modifying and installing IT equipment and general improvement of IT services.

Production line automation for KUKA

KUKA Systems, a German manufacturer of industrial robots and solutions for factory automation, invests in the future, developing solutions for production automation with the help of Sii Poland Engineering Competency Center. Sii has won two new projects for PLC and robot programming and commissioning.

Rapid project teams growth for a semiconductor giant

Sii’s long term partner, the semiconductor chip manufacturing leader, entrusted us with a new challenge, a project concerning development of network (Ethernet) drivers. The services will be delivered from two Sii locations: Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz.

Growing project teams in the healthcare industry

Sii engineers proudly fight with the COVID-19 crisis. Our long-term partner,  global IT center of the Swiss medical and pharmaceutical holding, has given Sii more engagement by increasing the team size to over 500 FTE.

Moreover, QIAGEN, global provider of solutions for DNA analysis, after flexible switching to COVID-detection focused production, decided on increasing Sii teams to over 50 FTE. Sii engineers support the development of diagnostic tools that allow cutting down the time of laboratory tests and the accuracy of their analysis, actively supporting the diagnostics on COVID-19.

Establishing cooperation with SIX Group Services

Sii’s cooperation with SIX Group Services, a Swiss financial services provider, began in May 2020. For the first project, Sii SAP consultants provide services for a very niche area – SAP CRM.

Helping the environment: cooperation with a world-leading wind energy producer

Sii started cooperation with a leading world manufacturer and operator of wind turbines. Sii engineers work in two streams. The first one concerns engineering projects, including SCADA and PLC systems. The second one involves building internal platforms based on Microsoft 365 applications. We are proud that Sii can support the technology for green energy solutions.

Those are just a  few projects among many more being delivered by Sii Poland as we are providing services to over 200 clients.

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