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Sii Poland supports Leica Geosystems AG in creating a cutting-edge measurement system that facilitates and speeds up the work of surveyors around the world

Leica Geosystems AG is a global corporation supporting measurement specialists around the world. One of the latest products from its catalogue is BLK 3D – an innovative tool which creates photographic documentation, at the same time enabling precise measurements on its basis. Works on software for the product were supported by engineers from Sii Poland who created a desktop application for downloading data from the device and a web viewer equipped with features helping users to get easier access to files, thus adding a completely new dimension to cooperation on a given project.

Digital transformation in the construction industry

Leica Geosystems AG is a leader in the measurement and information technology sector with almost two hundred years of experience in this field. Its products that enable collecting, analyzing and presenting the so-called spatial information are used in geodesy, engineering and construction. In construction, digital transformation is becoming more and more dynamic. This is fueled by growing customer expectations, technological developments and an influx of new specialists who are familiar with advanced technologies.

The company needed software for a new device used for acquiring measurements in 2D and 3D in a real-time mode based on photographic documentation, but also for further data processing in a fast and efficient way. Leica Geosystems AG chose experts from Sii Poland to create an innovative and multifunctional product that would facilitate and speed up the measurement work of surveyors and engineers around the world.

Higher work efficiency and better cooperation

Thanks to the use of modern technologies, a product combining many functions has been created. – A popular practice at construction sites is to document works photographically using a telephone – explains Sławomir Kulus, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland. – The device created by our client allows users to do much more. With its help, based on the photos taken, precise measurements can be made. But how? An image shot is taken simultaneously from two cameras placed on the opposite edges of the device. Thanks to a special algorithm, these photos are combined, which enables the determination of points in a three-dimensional space in real time. Our role was to create an application to handle the functionality of the device and maximize user convenience – adds Sławomir Kulus.

Appropriate software, which provides the product with additional features, plays an important role in such cases and may give the equipment a competitive advantage. BLK 3D consists of three components: an Android-based device on which a mobile application is installed, a desktop application and a web viewer.

– The client commissioned us to create a desktop application for transferring data from a device to a computer and a viewer that allows sharing the project and cooperating on it in a quick and user-friendly way – says Sławomir Kulus, responsible for project management. – These components enable further work on the materials collected using the mobile device. Working on a computer is more convenient and allows you to view the documentation and continue working at any time without having to return to the place where the photos were taken. It is also a significant improvement in terms of time and costs – he adds.

Thanks to having the appropriate resources and competencies, Sii as a partner carried out the implementation adopting a flexible approach to the entrusted tasks, e.g. by scaling up the team based on the needs and stage of work. It also took full responsibility for the project in terms of quality and risk management.

Technological and operational challenges of the project

Engineers from Sii Poland trusted in reliable technologies. They employed a variety of solutions and developed a WPF application in C# for Windows using .NET core, Telerik UI for WPF, Google Analytics and other technologies. Angular with Redux were used for the frontend of the web application. – During the whole process we faced some challenges. One of them was to find a way to scale the developed solutions based on the client’s libraries in the web environment to maintain full control of costs generated by traffic in the application, at the same time ensuring proper user experience – says Sławomir Kulus.

Finally, Sii Poland engineers not only managed to achieve a high quality of the product and its subsequent versions with new functionalities but also, in accordance with the agreed assumption, to minimize the involvement of customer resources. Thanks to the applied solutions, new versions will no longer require a large number of tests, ensuring smooth product development. It was possible, among others, thanks to the direct cooperation with the developer of the mobile application and common vision as to its development plans.

If you are looking for support in the Digital area, e.g. web applications and services, mobile solutions, e-commerce, UX design or RPA, contact us and find out how we can help your business.

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