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Sii Poland titled Locomotive of the Lublin Economy

The Sii company was awarded in the prestigious contest for the Economic Award of the President of Lublin. Traditionally the awards were presented during the Entrepreneurship Gala in Lublin. Artur Palac – director of the Sii Lublin branch, claimed the award on behalf of the company.

The contest is organized since 2008. Its aim is to distinguish enterprises which have a significant impact on the modernization and economic development of the city of Lublin and of the entire region, while using good business practices. Social, ethical and ecological aspects of the business are taken into account, as well as the transfer of technology and knowledge.

Sii was distinguished in the category of Big Companies –Locomotives of the City’s Economy, for: „creating an outsourcing center in Lublin, with a positive influence on the city’s labor market”.

Prizes in this prestigious contest are awarded by a jury, composed of representatives of business, science, media and local authorities and are a confirmation of the enterprise’s high standards, which next to a stable development and financial success are characterized by operational transparency and a positive influence on the local community.

From the moment of launching in 2013, Sii’s Lublin branch has been developing very dynamically – today it already employs 200 persons and is constantly looking for new specialists, both from the area of IT ( including developers, administrators, testers) and back-office specialists – for the Recruitment & HR, Administration and other departments.

Sii has had its significant impact on the development of the city and region, not only due to the fact, that it has created new, attractive job opportunities. The company is active in many areas. Educational activities are among the most important – together with the Lublin Technical University, Sii organizes university lectures. It also offers practical training courses with the best specialists from the IT industry, which, can open a door to a career in IT. Already two editions of the course “Become a tester” were held and a  Salesforce Developer is also being organized.

The branch i also involved in charity – it cooperates with the Little Prince Hospice in Lublin.

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