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Sii Poland’s Volunteers are unstoppable! 10 new projects within the Sii Power Volunteers Program

Activities for the benefit of society are important both for Sii Poland and for the employees themselves. This year, the company increased its annual budget for the Sii Power Volunteers Program to carry out 10 extraordinary projects with a total value of over PLN 220 000. They include IT workshops for children in Rzeszów and Bydgoszcz, renovation works at the Children’s University Hospital in Warsaw and support for the endangered crocodile Zosia from Gdynia.

Helping out together is powerful and takes the integration of the company team to the next level. The ideas of Sii Poland’s employees for pro-social actions are becoming more mature and complex. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting restrictions, project initiators focused mainly on online workshops or renovation endeavours. In the next six months, several hundred Sii Power Volunteers will carry out 10 charity projects, mainly in hospitals and orphanages. When analyzing the projects, we decided to appreciate almost all of them, because each of them was well-thought-out, well-planned together with experienced institutions and non-profit organizations, and above all, its goal was to provide specific help to groups in need says Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager at Sii Poland. In order to conduct all of them, the company increased the annual budget allocated to charity projects by an additional amount of over PLN 60 000.  

Sharing knowledge and competences

In Rzeszów, Sii Power Volunteers will promote IT education among children at risk of social exclusion. The first classes conducted by engineers from Sii will be held online for underage residents of care and educational institutions: Orphanages “Dobrawa”, “Mieszko” and “Bolesław”.

“Siiła Wiedzy” is a project of volunteers from Sii Bydgoszcz, who will conduct a series of IT workshops and donate appropriate IT equipment for the School No. 33 for Chronically Ill Children and Youth at the Regional Children’s Hospital in Bydgoszcz. In this city, musicians from the band TutejSii from Sii Poznań will organize music workshops at the school for children with intellectual disabilities, and will also take part in the 4th charity Christmas concert in Bydgoszcz.

An interesting proposition of competence volunteering is also a charity webinar on tax settlements for all employees and associates of the company. The team of the Sii Poland Accounting Department came out with the initiative supporting the Little Prince Hospice in Lublin.  

Renovating a cosy space for those in need

Cleaning works are planned at the Ronald McDonald House for the families of chronically ill children at the Children’s University Hospital in Warsaw thanks to the funds of Sii Poland and with the great commitment of volunteers from the company. Warsaw volunteers also offered themselves for the renovation of the main hall of Children’s Memorial Health Institute one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Poland, treating the most seriously ill children from all over the country. Together with ISKIERKA Foundation, which Sii Poland already cooperated with on the renovation of Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Katowice, company’s volunteers will refurbish awaiting room of the radiotherapy office at the National Institute of Oncology in Gliwice. In Krakow, Sii Power Volunteers will support a care home for lonely and abandoned children in Żmiąca (Małopolska), functioning within Rupert Mayer Foundation. I spent 2 weeks with the kids in Żmiąca on a volunteer camp. I know that the center is their real home, a place where they receive good care and adult support. I also know that they are talented, full of curiosity about the world and I want to help them together with Sii so that they have better and easier life  says Natalia Kargulewicz, Data Analyst from Sii Kraków and initiator of the new Sii Power Volunteers project.

Making Christmas dreams come true

Sii Łódź will once again start cooperation with Dobrodzieje się Foundation. This time, volunteers from the company will turn into Santa Clauses they will fulfil the dreams described in the letters from children from foster families, which will be delivered by the Foundation. Moreover, each letter is an additional PLN 200 donation to the Foundation. The more Santa Clauses in Sii, the more funds for the purchase of Christmas gifts.

Saving an endangered species

One of the extraordinary projects submitted in the 9th edition of the Sii Power Volunteers Program is the Gdańsk environmental and educational project supporting Gdynia Aquarium Development Foundation, looking after dwarf crocodile Zosia, threatened with extinction. Volunteers from Sii are taking care of this rare species.

Dedicated Sii Sponsorship Request app

All these unique applications have been submitted through a new, intuitive online application, thanks to which employees can easily fill out the form needed in the process of applying for funding and organizational support. The Sponsorship Request application, available to all people in the company, serves two grant programs in the field of corporate social responsibility: Sii Power Volunteers and the Passion Sponsorship Program. The next recruitment will take place in February 2021.

Get to know other initiatives of Sii employees carried out as part of Sii Power Volunteers Program, including the recent support for children from foster families in Sii Łódź and the Tri-City project of renovation. Have a look also at 2019 Charity Project Summary.

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