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Sii Poland experts have reduced the app testing time from 12 days to 6 hours at one of the world’s shipping leaders

Sii Poland engineers have implemented a state-of-the-art testing support platform – Tricentis Tosca – for one of their key clients. Due to the use of an innovative tool and the effective work of the Sii implementation team, the time needed to conduct tests in the project of a global system for centralised management of website content has been reduced from 12 working days to 6 hours of work (for a computer).  

More effective regression tests with Tricentis Tosca

The challenge faced by the experts from Sii Polska was to accelerate and increase the efficiency of regression tests, the purpose of which is to detect errors that may appear after updating the software or adding new functionalities. 

– Performing a detailed analysis of the potential and needs of the company helped us choose the right tool. Those used previously were based mainly on Selenium and did not meet the expectations of the client. Tosca, on the other hand, seemed to be a tailor-made solution. We used it to automate tests on 7 different systems. In total, more than 700 test scenarios covering both UI and API tests were created and are being maintained. The created tests also include E2E test scenarios covering full business processes – says Leszek Ćwil, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland. 

Low-code/no-code approach and full Continuous Testing support

One of the biggest advantages of Tosca is that it can be used by people without programming skills. The future automation engineer is ready to start working after having completed two online training sessions which are certified and last a total of about a week.  

But this is not the only advantage of this tool. Tricentis Tosca is a market-leading platform supporting the full continuous testing process, from business risk-based testing – through automation, performance testing and test data management – to service virtualisation. It is one of the few tools that can meet the requirements of the agile software development methodologies – Agile and DevOps – that are gaining in popularity. At the same time, Tosca is an extremely approachable solution. By minimising the amount of code (low-code/no-code), a manual or business tester can automate complex scenarios for over 160 technologies. It is already used on the market to automate testing of web, desktop, mobile and API applications as well as the business software of the largest global suppliers such as, ServiceNow and SAP, for which additional improvements have been prepared. 

Moreover, Tosca is an extremely versatile tool. Offering various analysis methods (HTML, UIA, OCR), it provides an almost unlimited scope of integration with other systems.

– For our client, we integrated Tosca with the CI/CD tool – Jenkins, which allowed running all the created tests cyclically and automatically. Thanks to this, the idea of continuous testing was implemented and the production process was significantly accelerated. Including test automation in the continuous software delivery process was another step towards increasing the testing process maturity – says Leszek Ćwil.

Remote work with Tosca

One of the latest improvements was the use of Tricentis Tosca Distributed Execution (DEX), which allows you to manage and execute automated test cases remotely, both on-premises and in the cloud. As a result, testers can create, run and monitor tests, irrespective of their location. This increases the efficiency and speed of testing, and also relieves the infrastructure.

Over 60% lower test cost

Tosca is unrivalled in terms of maintaining automated tests. Correction of tests after changes in the application takes – according to Sii experts – from 30 to 80% less time than comparable tools. Tosca, therefore, provides users with the opportunity to successively expand their automation range without fear of endless maintenance process.

– A detailed analysis carried out after the implementation showed that the final cost of producing a single automatic test in Tosca is over 60% lower than when using Selenium – concludes Leszek Ćwil. – This result exceeded our wildest expectations and clearly determined the continued implementation of this tool in subsequent client projects. We are glad that we have managed to demonstrate that properly selected tools – implemented by an experienced team that knows how to take full advantage of their capabilities – save time and money and provide an opportunity to unleash the potential of testers who can work more effectively – he adds.

If you want to learn how to optimise the testing processes in your company, visit our website Tricentis Products.

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