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Combining zero waste with helping those in need? Yes! Explore the charity project Jadłodzielnia launched by Sii Power Volunteers and Piastun Foundation

Sii Poland is running another large social project in Silesia, the aim of which is to distribute food more efficiently and help those in need. Together with the Foundation, the company will launch 5 Jadłodzielnia points – organized locations where everyone can leave food for those who lack it. More about the project in an interview with Łukasz Hucz – Test and Analysis Engineer at Sii Poland and a volunteer associated with Piastun Foundation for years.

Where did you come up with the idea of organizing Jadłodzielnia in Silesia?

Łukasz Hucz: For some time now, Piastun Foundation has been participating in a project co-organized by large grocery chains, which aims to reduce the amount of food wasted. As representatives of the Foundation, we are authorized by these stores to pick up products with a short expiry date, which may not necessarily be sold, but are still good for consumption. Since we launched this project, we can see how much food is already wasted in stores. In addition, we observe how much food people throw away after holidays, birthdays, and other occasions – simply because they did not have time to eat it. On the other hand, NGOs working for the poor and those in difficult situation, know how much this food is needed elsewhere.

For this reason, we decided to open Jadłodzielnia: organized points with refrigerators and decent cabinets. Instead of throwing food away, people can bring it to points to share with others. We hope that by setting up such refrigerators and popularizing them, we will reduce waste at least a little, and at the same time we will help people who are in a difficult life situation.

How does Jadłodzielnia work?

Ł.H.: In total, there will be 5 specially prepared, enclosed refrigerators with space for keeping dry food. The first Jadłodzielnia was set up in Siemianowice Śląskie, at the seat of the Piastun Foundation, and the next one wille be in Chorzów, Gliwice, Zabrze and Czeladź.

They operate in accordance with the regulations posted on them. There are some important rules that you should stick to. Everyone can bring food here that is well packaged and within the use-by date. The food must be processed, i.e. we do not put in raw eggs, meat or any expired products. We follow the principle that we put in what we would like to eat ourselves. At the same time, I would like to remind you that the Jadłodzielnia promotes limiting food waste, and thus – we do not buy anything special – we leave here the so-called surplus.

The Volunteers from the Foundation and Sii Polska are involved in the creation and operation of Jadłodzielnia points. What is their role?

Ł.H.: This is our joint project. Sii Poland allocated a donation of PLN 35,000 for its implementation. The Foundation was responsible for purchasing the refrigerators and determining their location in Silesia. Then, the volunteers from Sii Poland and the Foundation jointly built and installed Jadłodzielnia points: it was necessary to prepare the cabinets for refrigerators and shelves well. We spent several evenings together doing DIY, cutting and hammering at the Foundation’s headquarters. Now, when the points work, the volunteers have an important task: to keep the refrigerators clean, to keep them properly stocked, and to ensure that there are no expired products in there.

This is not the first project that Sii Poland runs together with Piastun Foundation – and it is not your first project as part of such cooperation.

Ł.H.: Yes, for years I have been working as a volunteer at the Foundation, but also for I have been a Test and Analysis Engineer at Sii Poland fo 3.5 years. In 2019, as part of Sii Power Volunteers, I conducted a series of training courses for seniors on basic computer, Internet, social media and bank account management skills, which were very popular. At the Foundation, we run a wide variety of projects and therefore there is a chance to prove ourselves as volunteers.

What are the most important projects currently carried out by the Foundation?

Ł.H.: One of our main goals is to support and provide equal opportunities for people in a difficult life situation and this is what we deal with on a daily basis. We support our guests by providing food, clothes and other necessary things, we organize fundraisers, i.e. for treatment and a charity market on Facebook. We constantly collect plastic caps: we have 7 metal hearts and approx. 30 points where you can leave the caps. In December, our members put up their Christmas crafts for auctions. We have just completed the Santa’s campaign with great success, in which we organized 150 Christmas packages for those in need. The Foundation plans to open a rehabilitation center for children and adolescents, where our pupils will be able to work with a physiotherapist, psychologist and other specialists free of charge.

You are a very active person, being involved in many activities. You also have an additional function in your project at work – you are Sii Poland’s Ambassador for projects at Alstom. What is your job?

Ł.H.: I work on projects in the railway industry for Alstom. I am a Test and Analysis Engineer – I mainly test the MDC system, which is a web-based diagnostic application. In July, I also became a Sii Ambassador – I offer organizational, administrative and communication assistance to all our engineers and engineers who work for Alstom. I also organize team integrations. So far I have had the opportunity to organize 2 events and I hope you enjoyed them! At the end of summer, we met at the open-air museum in Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów. After sightseeing, we got together for an integration at an inn with a grilled leg and good beer. At the end of the year, we met in Tajemnica Ciemności – a unique place where we followed an educational path, taking into account the perspective of the blind. Later, in a bistro at the same place, we enjoyed burgers and had a great time together. The role of the Ambassador is just right for me – I love to act, organize and help others. I recommend this role to anyone like that!

Are you a person who likes challenges, engaging in many different projects? You will definitely accommodate yourself in Sii ­– check our job offers!

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