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Sii Power Volunteers in action – CSR project

Social responsibility is an indispensable element of Sii’s operations. The company notices the need of providing help to others, expressed by its Power People. The Sii Power Volunteers program was created with the most deprived persons in mind. As part of the program, Sii experts identify social challenges, and then they respond to them together.

Sii Power Volunteers is a type of volunteer action in the form of a grant directed to all Workers who would like to help others, have an idea how to do it or who would just like to participate in the social initiatives proposed by Sii. The objectives of the program, apart from the most important  one —providing help together — is to integrate the Workers, promote teamwork and reinforce the values of the company.

Sii helps the most deprived people not only effectively, but also wisely. This is why every project submitted by at least two Power People of the company has to be properly described and documented in line with very specific criteria. The initiatives to be implemented are selected by a specially appointed jury. For each individual event an appropriate execution agreement is prepared to make sure that the help is provided to the people who need it the most.

The cyclic program of Sii Power Volunteers was officially launched in December 2016. The first submission implemented as part of the program was a Christmas action for ill Oktaś. The action was organized by two people from the company, but the final, two-week long auction included 150 donors who provided different objects for the event. With the engagement of the Workers it was possible to collect 25,801.00 PLN, and the whole amount was donated to the treatment and rehabilitation of Oktaś.

Since that moment, with the support of Sii Power People, four further actions were carried out: workshops on creating Christmas cards for children from a children’s home, Lofi Robot — workshops on robotics for children and adolescents, a bone marrow collection as part of the Dawcy Szpiku project (Bone Marrow Donors), in which in only one day 24 people enrolled to the database of marrow donors, as well as help on two paws — “Pssiak” action addressing animals from the shelter.

The diversity of the implemented project proves there is still a strong need for helping the most deprived ones. This is one of the reasons why Sii Power Volunteers is being continued. Collecting submissions for the second edition of the program has ended and 6 projects has already been chosen and are about to start soon.

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