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Sii Poznan now has over 600 experts in its ranks! Workers celebrated their collective success in a newly renovated office space

Sii’s Poznan branch is, first and foremost, a friendly working environment for independent experts and entire project teams, specializing in software development, testing, quality assurance, and application management. Since its establishment in 2010, the branch has gone through many significant changes and improvements. The last of these took place in the first half of 2022 – that’s when Sii Poznan decided to renovate the office space and exceeded the number of 600 specialists.

The last few months have been extremely intense and demanding for Sii Poznan. Among the most important challenges was certainly the refurbishment of the office, located at 43 Królowej Jadwigi St. The workers were actively involved in the process. Via a specially created channel in the Teams app, they were able to pass on their suggestions, advice, and proven ways to improve the renovation. Some even decided to take trips to furniture and interior design stores to test the new equipment firsthand, before purchasing.

Thanks to the employees’ involvement in the renovation works, it was possible to tailor the space to their needs. Among other things, the new office features mobile walls, providing opportunities for both collaborative and individual work, as well as cozy 4-person rooms, equipped with acoustic panels that allow for comfortable and quiet work. New lighting for project rooms and corridors has also been provided. Interestingly, the branch also features elements that reflect the spirit and atmosphere of Poznan, including photo wallpapers with objects, buildings, monuments, or landmarks of the city’s districts.

The modern space encourages more frequent use of its facilities. In August, an average of 44 more employees per month have chosen to work from the Poznan office than in November 2021.

The completion of the renovation work almost coincided with Sii exceeding the number of 600 specialists in Poznan. In April, the branch decided to organize a “housewarming party” for the employees, combining it with a CEO Meet-up, i.e. a live meeting with Sii Poland founder and CEO Gregoire Nitot. After the official part, the time came to celebrate – the newly renovated office provides as much as 350 m2 of open space, which easily accommodated more than 220 Poznan employees and guests. A real hit that evening was the prosecco dispenser, which has become a permanent fixture in the office space and is now an integral part of evening meetings at Sii Poznan.

There are more and more of us!

Breaking the number of 600 specialists at Sii’s Poznan office is a joint success of all employees of the branch.

– I feel incredibly proud of the team that we’ve managed to create over the years – says Natalia Buczel, Sii Poznan Regional Director.  – It includes people with extraordinary enthusiasm for work, and many talents and passions. Over the past 12 months, almost 200 Power People have joined the Poznan team. I know that this success wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of each of us! I’m also happy that our employees are so willing to recommend our branch to their friends as a great place to work. I think this is the best proof of the kind of atmosphere and conditions we create at Sii Poznan. However, we don’t measure our development only by the number of recruited candidates. Among other things, we can be proud of starting projects that are related to economic consulting and BPO. Thanks to this, we are developing not only in terms of technology but also in terms of business – she adds.

Sii Poznan is mainly made up of specialists with diverse profiles and a wide range of skills, forming close-knit teams that deliver their services to clients in the financial, banking and insurance, automotive, medical or retail sectors. These are, of course, just some examples. Collaborative projects with clients provide attractive jobs for experts in various fields.

The development team composed of Sii employees from Poznan was responsible for, among other things, building Poland’s first payment gateway. Moreover, for the leader in the credit and leasing services industry, the branch is currently building customer support applications, based on microservices and the cloud. For one of its E-commerce clients, Sii Poznan is creating solutions that make it easier for buyers and sellers to freely send and receive shipments. In addition, it supports automotive clients in automating processes using Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere technologies. As if that weren’t enough, Poznan employees also contributed to the creation of Poland’s first self-service stores.

Despite the big successes to its credit, the Poznan branch doesn’t intend to slow down. In a year’s time, there are plans to have 250 more experts on the team.

– Currently, we have 145 active job advertisements. We’re looking for experts with a variety of skills, including certainly Java, .NET, C / C++ and Embedded specialists, Front-end and Full Stack Developers – says Monika Tyczyńska-Płaczek, Regional Recruitment Department Manager at Sii Poland. – Mobile Application Developers – Android Developers & iOS Developers, Manual & Automation Testers, Business & Systems Analysts, Data Analysts, UX Designers, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Project Managers, PLC Programmers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers can also successfully develop their career paths here. Interestingly, in addition to profiles closely related to the IT industry, we also recruit professionals in other areas, e.g. Data Analysts, and Data Management Specialists. We’re also keen to recruit employees who’ll be involved in the company’s marketing activities – she adds.

All aboard!

More than 600 specialists in the Poznan branch of Sii is quite a challenge for the local HR department. In addition to standard employee services, it is involved in organizing events whose main purpose is to integrate and bond the entire team. Regular meetings include breakfasts held twice each month and Apero, which is an afternoon integration event accompanied by snacks and light drinks. During the events (but also during breaks from work), the Poznan employees can enjoy additional activities in the office, such as table tennis, foosball, or swings in the relaxation areas.

Other forms of integration that the branch regularly organizes are CSR activities aimed at, among others, educating employees about ecology or social responsibility, as well as helping the neediest organizations and individuals. At the same time, employees have a chance to unite for a noble cause and spend time outside of work in a meaningful way. Last year, the most popular initiatives were DiverSiityTalks (webinars on tolerance), the Charity Food Festival, the Christmas Auction (raising money for the treatment of one of the unit’s employee’s mother), and PSii Patrol (supporting the animal shelter’s charges). The Poznan team loves to help, which is why further CSR activities are already being planned. Among them are actions to support local communities, initiatives in the field of ecology and environmental care or helping animals, as well as a well-being campaign.

Communities, or groups made up of people with similar interests, are also thriving at the branch. Among them are sports groups: lovers of badminton, squash, yoga, basketball, and football. There are also plans to establish a bicycle group. Communities also include SiiMovie, which is a group for cinema enthusiasts, who jointly follow film premieres and discuss them, a board game group, whose members indulge in their hobbies, usually accompanied by pizza and beer, and the Sii Sailing Team, started by one of the employees and currently co-sponsored by the Sii Passion Sponsorship Program.

Check out current job offers, join the ranks of Sii Poznan specialists, and create the best workplace together with us!

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