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Sii’s new industry and region-oriented structure – a new tailor-made strategy designed to reach your business goals

Sii Polska has introduced a new structure addressing the needs of both individual sectors and regions. The newly created business units will be responsible for business development, sales support, marketing materials and knowledge sharing.

Sii Poland has introduced industry-oriented organization in order to address such challenges as:

  • improving the offering in the industries, including marketing materials, references and partnerships for the specific sector;
  • building great sales, pre-sales, and delivery teams in respective industries;
  • creating development and prospection strategy for the sectors, preparing analysis, proposing investments and detailed action plans;
  • increasing the number of strategic accounts in respective industries;
  • building a community around industries and facilitating knowledge sharing at Sii.

So far, the company has named Heads of Industries responsible for 6 respective industries: for Banking and Financial services, High-tech, Electronics and Industrial Engineering, Automotive, Public and Utilities, Healthcare and Retail, Logistic & Consumer products.

Sii has decided to implement one more organizational change in terms of regions. We have named Country Business Leads: sales directors responsible for respective regions, like Germany and Austria, Nordics, Switzerland, Iceland or Czech Republic and Slovakia.

– Being focused not only on Industry worldwide but also on specific regions will enable Sii to take advantage of knowing local culture and managers who migrate between clients in the region, optimisation of business trips and building and executing consistent marketing strategy for respective regions. Heads of Industries and Country Business Leads, which are on the same hierarchical level in our organization, will cooperate and build strategies for business development – says Ryszard Pytko, Chief Commercial Officer at Sii Poland.

In the coming years, Sii plans to become a more strategic partner for its clients, capable of winning more large-scale projects. The company’s goal is not only to provide technical competence, but also consulting on specific solutions for business departments.

Dedicated offering for healthcare

Since the very beginning of Sii, 14 years ago with the first testing project won for Swiss healthcare company, Sii supports clients from this industry in the field of IT, embedded solutions and engineering. Healthcare companies are faced with most current challenges: the digital transformation, automation of processes, production increase and sales efficiency. They are changing the channels and ways of communication with the end customers. Sii addresses these needs by providing the sector with tailor-made offering and solutions in bioinformatics, digital therapeutics and bioengineering.

– I am proud of the fact that Sii supports the industry so strongly related to health. Our knowledge about the medical and pharmaceutical sector for our clients is the added value of partnership with Sii. We have the needed experience with processes and standards in healthcare, including the preparation of documentation needed by regulators and automation of processes – says Wojciech Drescher, Head of Healthcare Industry at Sii Poland.

Healthcare is the third biggest industry at Sii, reaching over PLN 115 M revenue a year. Currently 550 Sii specialists work for 30 clients from this sector. We have the pleasure to work with great innovators, such as Qiagen, Bayer, Fresenius or Widex.

Experience in retail, logistic & consumer products

One of the fastest developing sector at Sii Poland is Retail, Logistic & Consumer products industry. It generates over PLN 70 M revenue.

– Due to fact, that currently we have over 100 customers within this industry, including global brands like PUMA or Reckitt Benckiser, we decided to set up a retail-dedicated business unit. This will help us integrate and develop required sector expertise. As our goal is to become a strategic, preferred partner for our customers, Retail, Logistics and Consumer Products industry focus is the response to ongoing business trends related to digitalized supply chain and customer experience – says Adrian Gola, Head of Retail, Logistics and Consumer Products Industry.

To answer the business needs of the industry, Sii provides solutions, resources and experience in the fields of digitalization and integrations. This includes ERP, CRM, WMS systems, EDI integrations, implementations and development related to omnichannel digital strategy, building and maintaining e-commerce solutions for B2B, B2C, as well as development of analytics solutions for a better customer knowledge and understanding.

Focus on regional expertise for nearshore

The industry-related knowledge is not the only focal point of Sii’s offering. The experience in working with customers from various European countries lead Sii to customize company services according to regions.

– We have been providing nearshore services and operating on foreign markets for years. Country Business Lead, accountable for a given region is primarily responsible for business development in that region, marketing investment and internal knowledge exchange in terms of that region specifics – says Ryszard Pytko.

DACH is one of the European regions that Sii focused on since the very beginning. When it comes to the German market, we have a great advantage in delivering nearshore business due to the acquired experience – over 60 global companies working with Sii are brands of German origin. Definitely, it is the largest European economy, IT market alone employs almost million people. However, these resources are still insufficient in comparison with the demand. Due to the lack of university graduates, the trend of services outsourcing to countries with more IT resources available becomes more and more popular. It is clear that Poland is one of the top destinations – due to its geographical proximity and cultural synergy. As a One Stop Shop service provider, Sii can address every need of their client within one IT supplier offering European standards with great value for money.

– One of the key projects implemented by Sii for German clients is the Phoenix project for PUMA, which involves the construction of a new Product Lifecycle Management class system. It is a system supporting designers’ work in the scope of building product material specification, which is then used to produce a given model in a factory. It is a strategic project for the client, as the provided by Sii solution is used to produce every pair of PUMA shoes sold in 120 countries all over the worlds – says Grzegorz Brzostowski, Country Business Lead for Germany and Austria.

Switzerland, values the competences in the area of ​​SAP, Office 365, Service Now, Salesforce and tailor-made applications provided by the Sii’s Digital Competency Center. What distinguishes clients from this region is the cooperation model expectation. For example, Swiss customers tend to choose managed service or project & system integration – models requiring a partner’s process and business maturity rather than just the delivery of a certain amount of specialists. Nevertheless, many customers expect Sii to help them build remote teams that complete their own in the nearshoring model.

– We are currently working with 8 customers representing the TOP 100 largest Swiss companies. Over the past six months, we have acquired 3 new entities from the manufacturing and retail sectors to cooperate with. We can also see great potential in the healthcare and financial services sectors. They particularly value One Stop Shop strategies – 70% of Swiss clients work with a minimum of 2 Competency Centers implementing different solutions. Such a rich offering and expertise allows us to be an attractive partner for clients from this region – says Maciej Topczewski, Country Business Lead for Switzerland.

Moving north, we will come across another region that Sii Poland is focused on – the Nordic countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

– For Sii, the Nordics are a strategical and fast-growing market with a 40% year to year growth. More than 250 engineers from Sii Sweden and Sii Poland are currently delivering services to our 35 customers like Toyota Material Handling, Berlingske Media, ABC Startsiden AS – says Michael Desmurs, Country Business Lead for Nordic Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland.

– For Bombardier, we even realized a prototype machine (robot) to automate the testing of human-machine interfaces. The project is a part of a bigger system to performing tests automatically. Now, it is possible to perform tests fully automatically without any human interference – Michael Desmurs adds.

Another cold weather region Sii is focusing on is Iceland. Even though the country has a really small population in comparison to the previously discussed regions, they have a surprisingly diverse business landscape, ranging from energy and fishing, through financial services and aviation to telco and IT sectors. The local cost of IT services is very high, so Sii Poland with One Stop Shop offer and international experience is a desired partner for business.

– We established cooperation with five new clients and the level of revenue from the Icelandic market exceeded PLN 10 M. Our most innovative projects include services for Arion Bank. The first one is connected with completing a new front-desk system for client’s advisors, and the second one includes core banking system replacement – says Marek Hewelke, Country Business Lead for Iceland.

For more information about Sii nearshore services, visit our website.

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