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Sii’s solution based on Salesforce significantly accelerates the analysis of therapy data of millions of patients

Efficient analysis of medical records is crucial for pharmaceutical companies that are obliged to constantly monitor and report adverse effects occurring in their patients. In order to maximize this process, Sii experts have created for one of their clients a scalable solution based on the Salesforce platform, which significantly accelerated the verification of therapy data of several million people.

A bottleneck in the document analysis process

One of Sii’s key clients, a global biotechnological leader, which creates and delivers innovative drugs in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases, faced the need to improve the processes of analyzing medical records. The challenge was to speed up the entire process, improve the quality of the analyzed data and minimize the number of errors resulting from work based on manual processes.

Sii’s client, as a pharmaceutical company operating on the US market, is obliged to continuously monitor adverse effects and report them to the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within 24 hours. The manual verification of documentation quickly became a bottleneck because of the constantly growing number of patients and medications offered by the company.

Automation supported by machine learning

So far, each medical document and digital data on patient therapy were transferred to an internal system based on Salesforce Community, from where they were made available to the team verifying the documentation manually via an integrated application. To streamline this process, Sii experts automated it using Salesforce.

The designed and implemented system logically organizes information so that only approved, medically relevant data is submitted for analysis by the review team. This data is selected using machine learning algorithms responsible for text analysis and conceptual analysis of information.

A convenient configuration panel enables the phased implementation of various products (drugs) and data types, and additional emergency procedures allow manual review of information in the event of any problems with automation.

Information transfers are handled by MuleSoft, a market-leading data integration tool, linking the endpoints of the client’s system to the application used by the review team.

Fewer errors and lower costs

The system created by Sii significantly reduced the number of errors made in manual analysis and contributed to the optimization of the entire process. Thanks to it, the amount of reviewers’ work has been reduced by 90% and the data that is automatically selected for analysis has been reduced by 50%.

– The implemented solution has a strategic importance for our client – says Anna Rębelska, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland. – It ensures full compliance with applicable law and the requirements of 24-hour reporting of adverse effects, that are now easier to document. It also brings real savings by increasing the ability to analyze documentation and precise selection of the data that goes to the review team. What’s important, the Salesforce platform ensures the scalability of the solution, so even in case of a sudden increase in the amount of documentation, our client does not have to expand the team of reviewers or invest in their training – she adds.

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