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Software development, dance and people are his three greatest passions. Meet Marcin, Architect, who has been combining work with love for dance for years

For Marcin Giemza, dance is the perfect complement to the professional life of an IT specialist, because it allows him to maintain a balance between desk job and the need for movement and contact with people. As he says, it is not an ordinary hobby for him, but a way of life. Discover how Marcin combines his work as an Architect with his passion for dance and how he infects others with his positive energy.

Tell us, what is your role at Sii?

I’m an Architect, but in practice I have different roles depending on the needs of the project and the client’s requirements. I like creative tasks the most and demanding solutions to logical problems, which is why the ideal role for me is Software Developer. Personally, I think that this position is a combination of many different roles, because it requires both architecture design and programming and testing. If we take responsibility for our software, it is also necessary to be able to tame the infrastructure and automate repetitive tasks such as regression tests or deployment.

In addition, whenever I have the opportunity, I act as an instructor or mentor and willingly share my knowledge and experience that I have accumulated during eighteen years of professional work. I specialize mainly in Microsoft, .net and SQL Server technologies, but in fact the list of technologies and programming languages that I have had the opportunity to use during my career is much longer.

For how many years have you been associated with Sii and what was your first project?

I started working at Sii at the end of 2019, so this is my fourth year here. My first project focused on software for smart buildings. In my career, I have already dealt with the area of smart homes, which is why the proposal of cooperation with a client from this industry immediately seemed interesting to me. I was Cloud Architect, but in practice I also spent a lot of time writing code, so it was an interesting task for me. The subject of our project itself was also interesting. We used the electrical network for communication, so it was enough to plug the device into the outlet to make it visible to the home management system.

Due to the changes that have taken place in the company, after nine months of cooperation I had to say goodbye to my team and since then I have been working for another client – this time in the banking area.

You mentioned changing the team and the project. What are you currently working on?

Currently, as a team, we are responsible for the development of the system for Product Control (Micro Services, Big Data).

I have quite a lot of experience in banking, I have already worked for four different banks on various projects. The websites that we are currently developing are an interesting topic due to the extraordinary requirements that are placed on them. We operate on very large data sets that come from trading systems. We process more than 200 GB of data per day. Their processing and efficient transfer, made to fit before the start of the next day, can be quite a challenge – especially since our system must also enable efficient search of such large data sets.

What do you value most in your profession?

I really value cooperation with high-class specialists, but above all I like working on valuable projects, use new technologies and apply innovative and effective solutions. I also like challenges that require a lot of creativity.

I value teamwork, but I believe that a team of experienced professionals also needs a high level of independence in performing tasks. If the people we work with are passionate about their work, trusting them and letting the group to organize its work in a way that allows it to use the full potential of its members, can bring an excellent effect.

In the Passion Sponsorship Program, you received a grant for your passion – dance. How long have you been interested in it?

My adventure with dance began when I was 11 years old. Then my mother enrolled me in a folk dance group where my younger brother had been dancing for a year. I remember that time very fondly. Unfortunately, after 3 years, the group broke up due to health problems of the leader. My interest then turned to the theatre, which I was involved in for the next eight years. In the community center, where our poetry theater functioned, a ballroom dance group appeared, and to support its start, the theater supervisor offered us participation in dance classes. This one class was enough to reawaken my dormant love and so, after a few years of break, I returned to dancing.

The passion turned out to be very strong, because few months later I decided to get even more involved and joined the “KTT Nowy Styl” sports dance club in Bielsko-Biala, which I represented at many tournaments. In five years, I took part in over 100 tournaments, most of which I finished on the podium. In 2007 I even organized my first dance festival – the International Dance Festival in Bielsko-Biala.

How has your passion developed since then?

After 5 years of dancing with one dance partner, I was forced to look for a new person, because in this sport it is difficult to achieve success on your own. I found her… in Wroclaw, that is why I decided to move from Podbeskidzie to Lower Silesia. Fortunately, at that time I already had my own company in the IT industry and I was able to combine my professional life with my greatest passion. Then I took up social dancing – it is also a couple dance, but unlike the ballroom dance, it doesn’t use choreography, but improvisation. Thanks to this, people who meet at a party and see each other for the first time in their lives can dance the night away without using verbal communication.

I can safely say that since I live in Wroclaw, most of my free time has been devoted to dancing – Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Brazilian Zouk, although I also danced a little Tango Argentino, Samba de Gafieira or West Coast Swing.

How long have you been participating in the Zouk Wroclove Festival and how did you become a co-organizer of this event?

I organized the first edition in 2013, which means that next year is the 10th anniversary of the festival – I have been taking part in it from the very beginning. I am the initiator of this event, but not its only creator. Over the past ten years, many people have helped me with the organization. Currently, the festival is organized by the Dance Wroclove Foundation, of which I am the founder. Thanks to this, the event can develop better, and the cooperation and support from Sii is a perfect example of this. When I organized the first edition, there was no regular event dedicated to Brazilian Zouk in Poland, and currently the most famous festivals are Warsaw Zouk Festival and Zouk Wroclove Festival. Both are well known – both in Poland and abroad – and will soon celebrate their 10th anniversary.

What was the cooperation between Sii Poland and Zouk Wroclove Festival about?

First of all, Sii Poland was a sponsor of the event and supported us financially. People from Sii had a chance to win tickets for dance sessions as part of the festival. The second part happened later: together with my partner, we conducted dedicated dance workshops in the office for people from Sii and their accompanying persons (three times). It is fun to share your passion with your co-workers: first of all, it allows you to look at them from a completely different angle and get to know each other better. Secondly, I think that in the life of IT specialists, dance is very useful – it allows you to keep a balance between desk job and the need for movement and contact with people, especially in times of widespread remote work. For me personally, dancing is not a hobby, but a way of life – once you try and immerse yourself in the dance, you never stop. Sometimes you can have a break, but you always come back!

If you want to pursue your passions and develop with the support of Sii Poland, check out our job offers, join the team and participate in the Passion Sponsorship Program!

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