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Take advantage of co-financing for training at Sii Poland

At the beginning of the year, the government has launched a new program that allows companies to apply for additional funds for employee trainings. Sii Poland is entitled to organize co-financed courses as well. Check who can apply for support and what training is worth investing in.

Who can benefit from trainings funding?

Most of the funds are earmarked for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises employing at least 1 person. Individuals over 18 years may also apply for grants. You can apply for additional funding until mid-March * 2021. It applies to the following industries **:

  • IT,
  • Finances
  • Telecommunications and cybersecurity,
  • Retail
  • Development services
  • Chemical

* Application deadlines may vary depending on the requirements of the region in which the application is being submitted
** The list of all industries that may apply for training grants

What training should you invest in?

Sii Poland, thanks to the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate in the field of training services and entry in the Register of Training Institutions, can provide co-financed training. The offer of Sii Training Practice includes several dozen bespoke and accredited training courses in the area of ​​technological and soft competencies. What trainings should you invest in?

Become an IT Specialist series – a series of trainings for those who want to gain basic knowledge that allows them to start a career in IT. We offer preparation courses for work as a beginner IT specialist in various areas, including testing, development, business analysis, and Scrum.

ISTQB® Foundation – the 3-day training which is the first, basic training on the certification path for everyone involved in software testing.

AgilePM® Foundation – the 2-day training provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills for working in agile projects based on the DSDM Atern methodology, which is the basis for AgilePM®.

PRINCE2® Foundation – the 3-day training provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills for project management, useful not only in the IT area, based on the PRINCE2® methodology.

Scrum Master – This two-day Scrum Master training has a workshop character. The participants do many exercises, thanks to which they get to know the use of agile and Scrum methods in practice and gain the knowledge necessary to pass the exam for Professional Scrum Master I.

What are the funding opportunities in 2021?

There are several possibilities to obtain additional funds, it all depends on the needs of the company, the region in which it operates and, above all, its size. Below you can find the most popular ways to obtain funding. Additional support can also be sought locally in Poviat Employment Agencies or local regional development agencies.

Development Services Database

  • Target group: self-employed, micro, small, medium enterprise
  • Co-financing rate: from 50-80% depending on the region where the grant was submitted
  • Region: all voivodships

Academy of an SME Manager

  • Target group: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Co-financing rate: 80%
  • Region: all voivodships

Competences for sectors 

  • Target group: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Co-financing rate: 80%
  • Region: all voivodships

The New Start

  • Target group:: entrepreneurs who reactivate after the previous closure
  • Co-financing rate: 100%
  • Region: all voivodships

Invest in development

  • Target group: adults with legal capacity
  • Co-financing rate: loan for 100% of the course value with possibility of cancellation up to 25% of the loan amount
  • Region: all voivodships

Subject Financing System

  • Target group: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Co-financing rate: from 50 to 80% of the program value
  • Region: all voivodships except Pomorskie and Mazowieckie

More information about our trainings can be found on our Training Practice website.

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