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Test Driven Development and Protobuf C among the subjects of the second edition of the meetup in Czestochowa

On 31 January 2019 Sii is organizing the second edition of an embedded systems meetup, which will take place in Czestochowa. The first meeting, held in October 2018, attracted nearly 50 people interested in C++, Yocto and embedded systems’ low-level security. This time speakers will be talking about Test Driven Development and Protobuf C mechanism. Find out more about Sii experts who will deliver presentations.

The Embedded Competency Center encouraged by the success of the first meetupganized in October 2018 in Czestochowa, has decided to organize he second edition of this event. It will be devoted to Test Driven Development and Protobuf C mechanism. It will be of interest both to experienced specialists who deal with embedded systems on daily basis as well as starting programmers.

Presentations during the meeting will be delivered by two experts who run commercial projects at Sii.
Łukasz Grądzik is Service Delivery Manager at the Embedded Competency Center. He is an experienced embedded systems engineer connected with the automotive sector for ten years. He runs projects based on such technologies as embedded C, C++ and Linux.
Michał Matyl is Software Engineer at the Embedded Competency Center. He also has ten years of experience in the automotive sector. He participated in several projects connected with passive safety systems realised in the embedded C technology. He is a supporter of automation of non-productive areas of programming.

Why is it worthwhile taking part in the second edition of the meetup organised by our Embedded Competency Center?

Łukasz Grądzik, Service Delivery Manager: The previous meetup was attended by nearly 50 people. This is a great result! As before, also the next meeting will give its participants an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the embedded systems world as well as talk with other enthusiasts of this technology.

Michał Matyl, Software Engineer: The possibility to get to know a simple tool that enables shortening the time of protocol implementation is very attractive both for a programmer-amateur as well as a system architect or a global corporation manager. It results from the fact that there is often a need to implement a mutual communication protocol for different IT systems within the same organisation. It leads to a dramatic inefficiency of development teams which program identical algorithms and data structures many a times.

The first presentation is titled Test Driven Development in embedded. What can we expect in this part?

Ł.G.: I will present the TDD work method focusing on the difficulties that we may encounter while implementing it to the code strongly dependant on the equipment. I will also suggest certain solutions and show project benefits that a correct TDD can bring.

Can you tell a bit more about the Protobuf-C presentation?

M.M.: As far as embedded systems are concerned, the devil is in the details. My presentation will complement Protobuf-C official documentation with the details necessary to integrate this tool with an embedded system. Lack of such details may be an obstacle, which makes implementing this tool impossible. As Protobuf-C working environment has been created for Linux systems, I’ll show how to handle the library under Windows.

After a huge success of the first meetup, you come back with the second edition. What, in your opinion, is the greatest asset of this initiative?

Ł.G.: Programmers are usually people who constantly learn and develop. The possibility to take part in a meetup, gain theoretical knowledge supported by examples and take it against brutal reality of commercial projects is definitely tempting.

M.M.: I think that it results from the fact that we are experienced specialists who like to share their knowledge and talk about practical aspects of working on large commercial projects for IT leaders and recognised brands. Besides, we are charming interlocutors, we have a sense of humour and a meeting with us is an experience no one would like to miss.

Registration to the meetup ends on 30 January 2019 or until all seat are taken. All the details regarding the meeting, including the registration options, can be found on the event’s website. Participation in the meetup is free of charge. Join us!

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