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Testing Competency Center – dynamic development at Sii

Tests are one of the most important stages of software development. They decrease the risk of errors occurring and help optimize the expenses connected with the development of products. Sii’s Testing Services Competency Center, with the biggest in Poland testing team (over 600 testing experts from 8 branches around Poland) and their own mobile Test Lab, ensures the high quality of each process and performs tests for over 50 Clients in Poland and 40 abroad.


Today, the amount of software available on the market reaches an extent which seemed unreal a few years ago. Consumers in Poland can use several million mobile applications. The number of solutions available for business is also growing rapidly.

With such a huge scale of software use the significance of tests is growing. Every error can bring severe consequences for its users. The aim of testing is, above all, to provide managers with information about the state and the quality of the software which is to be implemented and launched in their company. The next stage consists of supporting the process of development of the solutions through an ongoing provision of information about discovered errors — says Marcin Laksander,  Testing Competency Center Director at Sii Poland.

Being aware of the state and the quality of software, Sii has created the Testing Competency Center. The company’s specialists who operate within this unit run, among others, functional and regression tests for new versions of products, check the performance and the usability of software and verify its compatibility. Their work allows Sii’s Clients to reduce the risks of errors and optimize the expenses connected with product development.

Testing is an essential cost when developing software. This is why the provision of a high quality service while maintaining an optimal price is a significant challenge. Sii can do this professionally. We have been providing software testing services for companies from different sectors: banking, telecommunications, pharmacy, media, insurance or high-tech for over 11 years. We have knowledge necessary for supporting Clients in the optimization of costs connected with testing. We do it through, for example, automation or implementation of professional services that support testing, including Xamarin Test Cloud, a prestigious and state-of-the-art tool — says Marcin Laksander.

Sii’s offer also includes test automation, a process which significantly reduces the test performance time, thus lowering the cost of testing along with the cost of maintenance. It also allows quick verification whether the tested application works correctly on various devices. Sii’s Competency Center provides Clients with extensive testing resources. Our experience and good practice in running testing projects is a guarantee of the highest quality of the process. They are an integral part of Sii’s offer and complement the whole range of services provided by the company.

What is more Testing Competency Center is involved in additional initiatives, which support technological skills development and education in the testing area. It is thanks to them, that this year Sii Poland became the main sponsor of the biggest testing championship in Poland – Testing Cup 2017, where their team competed against other contestants.

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