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The engineers from Sii Gdansk co-create solutions used by gamers all over the world

Nearly 100 specialists from the Gdansk branch of Sii Poland work for a global producer of key computer components. With access to the best-selling games, the Sii Gdansk team tests video cards and co-creates drivers for them to find and fix defects that appear. Thanks to this, for example, while moving the Witcher in the latest version of the game, the user will not see the character missing his limbs.

Smoothness, detail quality and accuracy in the case of each animation are the parameters for which the graphics card is responsible. Added to this is checking each path that the user can choose when starting an adventure with a new game. All of these elements are controlled by the team of engineers from Gdansk who check the client’s graphics cards every day to find as many bugs and variants unforeseen by the card producer as possible.

– It is best to test by playing. That is why people who are fascinated by the gaming industry find the project particularly interesting. All the more so because we check graphics cards not only for the most popular games but also for those that haven’t hit the stores yet – says Rafał Głowienka, Junior Software Engineer at Sii Poland.

Graphics cards are tested by the Gdansk team much earlier before they are available for sale. And what happens with those that have already appeared on the gaming market?

At Sii Gdansk, configuration files are also created. Our engineers and technicians co-create an application with the client, which users can use after installing it with a graphics driver. Thanks to the equipment type detection function used by the user, the player can download the recommended and tested settings for a specific game.

– The user can also customize the settings of the game by going to the graphics card producer’s website. When the processor is detected, screenshots with settings best suited to the specific hardware and game, made by us, are displayed. Hundreds of thousands of players visit the client’s website every month – adds Mikołaj Rościszewski, Team Leader at Sii Poland.

The Gdansk team is also working on other projects. They include desktop and web apps and various tools that facilitate engineers’ daily work, e.g. a tool for collecting the tests results and comparing them with third party solutions. The application is written in C# (.NET Core 3.1) using the WPF graphics framework, ASP.Net MVC, Javascript, jQuery, JS, Python.

Thanks to the diversity of tasks, people with different work experience become part of the team, while various development paths offer great opportunities to those who did not even think about working in the IT field.

From a computer game fan to Engineer

Even though the vast majority of engineers applying to Sii Poland are graduates in IT, there are positions for which higher education is not required. Test Technician is one of them.

– I’ve been working at Sii for 10 years. I applied for the position of Test Technician after having graduated in economics. I started by testing games and looking for visual bugs. Then came the time to study computer science. Currently, I’m programming in Python, being Tech Leader in a seven-member team. I’m still working on projects related to the development of graphics – explains Piotr Laszczak, Software Engineer at Sii Poland.

Every year, several people are promoted from Test Technician to Engineer. What helps develop in this direction? The knowledge of programming languages, openness to change and flexibility.

– I joined Sii two years ago, also as Test Technician. I paid the most attention to the C# language and managed to get promoted to the engineering position. My work provides many opportunities for self-development, which I often use. They include meet-ups and webinars, programming courses and training courses such as certified ISTQB testing training – says Krystian Dąbrowski, Software  Engineer at Sii Poland.

Would you like to work on interesting projects for leaders in your sector and have a chance to develop or change your career path? Check current job offers and apply.

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