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The future of technology is in our hands – Sii develops C++ with the international standardization committee

Sii Polska joined the Technical Committee No. 331 for Programming Languages at the Polish Committee for Standardization. Sii engineers are involved in the development and standardization of C++ on the international forum. Owing to the possibility of submitting own improvements and ideas, the company has a real influence on the direction of changes in this technology.

Technical Committee No. 331 for Programming Languages is a team of the world-class C++ experts who have the right to vote at the meetings of the international standardization forum, working on the development of this technology and taking care of consistency and legitimacy of the changes. Sii has become its member, which means that the company’s representatives take active part in standardization works.

Functionalities for Sii customers

Since end-users of the language comprise a broad and varied group, experts in many fields work on its development, ranging from embedded devices, through audio processing to Cloud Computing and High Performance Trading. The International Committee for Standardization includes such companies as Adobe, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg and MongoDB Inc. All of them use C++ as the basic tool for development of their products. Working at the Technical Committee, Sii can actively develop the language in such a way that it meets expectations of its own teams as well as clients.

– We are working with many customers for whom solutions based on C++ technology are the basis of their product portfolio. C++ is one of the most popular general-purpose programming languages, but it is present primarily wherever large computing power and optimization of resource consumption matter – says Monika Jaworowska, Director of the Embedded Competence Center. – Using this technology, we develop software supporting our clients in the automotive and telecommunications sectors, as well as those creating solutions in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), in particular, complex platforms supporting Smart Home. In the latest version of C ++ (17) we work on creating dedicated solutions for processing, distribution and video transmission as well as detailed maps for cartographers of a well-known brand. All these clients, for whom familiarity with solutions of the latest C++ standard is a priority, constitute a group interested in the possibility of proposing changes and improvements to the current language standard – she adds.

Work on the C++ development

The first meeting of the C++ Standardization Committee, in which representatives from Poland took part, including Sii’s experts, was held in Konie (USA) in February 2019. The largest language changes since C++11 release were accepted. The adopted C++20 work draft, which, as planned, will made available in 2020, is the crowning achievement of over a decade of work conducted by an international team of experts.

– You cannot solve C++ issues without major effort – says Marcin Grzebieluch, Sii’s C++ expert, involved in standardization works. – The solution must be coherent and account for all other aspects of the language to make it as intuitive as possible for its users. Participation in the Committee’s meetings is the icing on the cake. Most of the work of its members takes place in mailing lists, through which preliminary drafts of documents and current problems are reported. Regularly (on average once or twice a month) teleconferences are held, which stand for the starting point for meetings – he adds.

Continuous sharing of knowledge, experiences and proposals between the members of the Committee is forged into tangible results three times a year. Experts meet in a set place to approve selected points, which become implemented to a subsequent version of the standard published every 3 years.  Considering the fact that many companies base their systems on C++, some changes may be crucial for them. In the case of Sii, the presence of experts in the Committee is a source of competitive advantage.

If you wish to learn more about technical details concerning the Committee’s work, we invite you to visit our blog.

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