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Unicorns in the Startup Nation. Sii Poland strengthens its footprint in Israel

Sii Poland accelerates the growth of the semiconductor, telco OEM, IoT, engineering, and R&D sectors by executing major software development, quality assurance, and IT operations projects for global leaders. Solutions designed in these areas help companies maintain a competitive edge in a highly volatile market affected by hyperinflation, conflict, supply chain disruption, and macroeconomic factors. Recently, Sii has been expanding its presence on the Israeli market, focusing on developing partnerships with companies there with the support of a local representative, Micon Global.

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis and its far-reaching economic implications, product companies have undergone significant modifications and are now open to using remote resources and nearshoring solutions to ensure that their roadmaps remain efficient in terms of market expectations. Still, maintaining flexibility and control over the software development process is the key to building robust final products.

– The way of working in Poland is so similar to what I observe in Israel. We share common values and the same business culture and that’s why I’m so glad that Israeli companies are transforming their approach to IT and software development outsourcing – says Przemysław Włoczkowski, Head of Hi-Tech, Electronic and Industrial Engineering Industry at Sii Poland. – I remember that just a few years ago, it was extremely difficult to convince managers to hand over full projects or a specific, selected scope to a company further away than across from their office. Now, they reach out to us much more frequently, seeing value added in cooperating with us. The software engineering market is hot. We do see huge demand, and the supply of qualified engineers is somehow limited. Leadership teams are looking for employees with a fundamentally different perspective than before – empowered engineers and technicians with tools to assist customers remotely – he adds.

Of course, to be in the game vendors need to be competitive. The availability of resources and scalability of project teams play to the advantage of the Polish market. At the end of the day, the decision to work with a strategic external partner is based on how quickly the client can get additional resources when one of the investments hits the jackpot and requires a quick ramp-up of specialists.

Technology expertise for companies of all sizes

Expo_Micon Global

With Sii’s 16 years of experience and over 7 500 highly skilled engineers, clients can expand their workforce much faster than they could on their own. In addition to flexibility, quick project ramp-up and ramp-down, fully secure project spaces, and access to a huge talent pool with broad expertise, Sii is a proven choice for both startups, including so-called unicorns, i.e. private innovation companies worth more than USD 1 billion, and corporations.

Thanks to Sii’s extensive capabilities, we can help clients complete their projects faster and cost-effectively – says Tal Oren, CEO & Founder of Micon Global.  Sii’s multidisciplinary and experienced team addresses the specific needs of its Israeli clients from the high-tech industry, whether subsidiaries of international giants or locally headquartered companies. Micon partners with Sii to provide the best tailor-made software engineering services – he comments.

Sii Poland has been building its presence in Israel since 2017. The company’s position as one of the top outsourcing vendors has been established through numerous projects, including design validation for a fabless semiconductor manufacturer. The company develops multiple generations of cloud infrastructure products, focusing on tackling modern data center challenges.

The scope of the project included:

  • Design and validation of a brand-new networking chip
  • Behavioral modeling of hardware modules using SystemC
  • Testing and validation via the QEMU platform with Embedded C

Sii experts created a reusable stand-alone framework, resistant to platform change, and provided full documentation for the created solutions, enabling future modifications.

– A software development team from Sii Poland engaged at one of the Israeli unicorns turned out to be a great success back in 2020 – says Shai Ben-Efraim, Director of Business Development at Micon Global. – Ever since then, Sii’s presence on the local market has only been growing, and together we’re planning to extend their footprint significantly within the next year, especially in the areas of software, QA, and IT operations – he elaborates.

A solid partner in the Israeli market

Expo_Micon GlobalThanks to the combination of Sii’s expertise from the projects carried out for leading international brands and the expanding local presence achieved through the partnership with Micon Global, more and more Israeli companies in the semiconductor, electronics, and software industries can benefit from working with Sii’s specialists.

– Due to the engagement and local presence of Micon Global, further clients appreciate Sii’s services, among them many high-tech companies – says Przemysław Włoczkowski from Sii.

– Sii and Micon have one dedicated first contact person for all inquiries, so all contacts with clients are handled by the same team with representatives available locally. We consider Sii a dependable technological partner for Israel-based companies – adds Shai Ben-Efraim from Micon Global.

Discover Sii Poland’s offer for the high-tech sector. Contact our experts to discover the benefits we can bring to your company.
If you’d like to explore the opportunities for cooperation with Sii on the Israeli market, visit Micon Global’s website.

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