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We are opening our 15th office in Poland! Find out more about the plans for Sii’s newest location in Szczecin 

The leader of the IT, engineering, and BPO services market invests in the 15th location in Poland and opens an office in the heart of Szczecin. The eight-time winner of the Great Place to Work title is growing very dynamically, therefore a huge potential of the West-Pomeranian branch of Sii is already being developed by over 30 people. Find out more about the youngest Sii branch!

Sii Poland currently employs over 7 000 top-class experts, executing projects for modern economy sector leaders. After Czestochowa, Pila, Bydgoszcz, Gliwice, and Bialystok the leader in digital transformation services, engineering, and business consulting opened its 15th branch in Szczecin.

– We are glad that Sii chose our city – says Michał Przepiera, Deputy Mayor of Szczecin. – Once again, it is confirmed that Szczecin is an attractive place for the development of services related to new technologies. We have an atmosphere suitable not only for creative work, but also for enjoying free time surrounded by interesting architecture, greenery, and water. All this is very important when choosing a place to live. We are trying to consistently build the brand of Szczecin and reveal our great potential to investors. The choice of Szczecin by Sii proves to us that we are going in the right direction – he adds.

Already over 30 people work in the youngest Sii branch. The modern office is located in the Oxygen building, a nine-story office block, which has become part of Szczecin’s city center landscape. It is a green, cozy and soundproof workspace, with a dedicated embedded systems lab, a conference room, a kitchen, and a relaxation zone. Decorations in the office reflect the theme of the city, bringing in the seaside mood.

– Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and one of the largest economic centers in northern Poland – says Agnieszka Haracz, Sii Szczecin Regional Manager. At present, 2 500 people are employed in the IT sector in Szczecin. Our region specializes particularly in creating software for the automotive industry. In this respect, Szczecin is one of the major centers in Poland and Europe. Moreover, the business services sector is playing an increasingly important part in the local economy, including BPO, SSC, IT, and R&D centers. Moreover, the city’s attractiveness as an investment location is strengthened by the proximity of the Berlin-Brandenburg airport – she adds.

International and top-secret projects

In addition to the automotive industry, Sii Szczecin already cooperates with many clients in Poland and around the world, such as a Finnish machine production company, a leader in hearing prosthetics, a Danish manufacturer of medical equipment, a Danish developer of blood sampling solutions or an international mobile game developer and publisher. Sii experts are mainly C ++, C Embedded, and Autosar developers, but also Java, ETL, .Net, JavaScript, and Sharepoint developers, testers, system administrators, analysts, project managers, and consultants, who build solutions crucial for international users.

– I work on a rather small project which deals with the implementation of a roof control module in a new model of a convertible from a world-known manufacturer of sports and luxury cars. I’m glad that with the opening of Sii’s office in Szczecin, there are new opportunities for cooperation with the automotive sector – says Radosław Pokora, Software Engineer at Sii Poland.

The tasks carried out by the Sii experts from Szczecin are often connected with road safety.

– We implement top-secret projects – says Sebastian Zarzycki, Software Engineer at Sii Poland. Mine, for example, involves creating the next version of a sound-emitting device for electric and hybrid cars, so that pedestrians are not surprised by the presence of a silently moving vehicle while carelessly walking along the road or a parking lot. These devices will be installed in well-known car brands of European and Asian production, then sold all over the world. When you hear an electric car, you should know that this strange noise is not emitted by the engine, but comes from the loudspeaker, and is generated by complicated software running on a multi-core microprocessor – he reveals.

– My team is responsible for diagnostics as part of a project for a Tier1 supplier for a driver monitoring device (DMS) related to new European standards. The device can, for example, determine the driver’s fatigue level, monitor whether they’re distracted, and if they’re looking at the road – says Maciej Krempa, Software Engineer at Sii Poland.

Sii Szczecin’s projects also cover advanced analytical solutions.

– I am a planner in a project related to the modernization of LAX airport in Los Angeles, which is currently the third busiest airport in the world – explains Paweł Kozłowski, Project Manager at Sii Poland. To improve passenger service and move car traffic away from the terminals, it’s been decided to create a collision-free transport system based on electric trains – the Automated People Mover. Autonomous trains will run on an approximately 2.25-mile line and stop at stations linking the airport terminals with subway lines, car parks, and consolidated car rental centers. As part of the LAX Integrated Express Solutions (LINXS) project, it will also operate and maintain the new APM system – he adds.

First of all ­– development

Sii is still gaining new clients and developing new projects, enabling employees to change their tasks through the Job Changer and Job Market applications. They can choose from over 1 000 internally open positions – most of them also offer remote work. Sii Szczecin is also planning to expand, employing up to 4 people per month.

– The profiles that we are currently looking for are mainly specialists involved in embedded systems, that is, C, C++, and Autosar developers ­– says Agnieszka Haracz, Regional Manager of the branch. We are also looking for automation testers, application administrators, and front- and back-end developers. At the moment, we have 30 vacancies. For 2023, we plan a very active development – we will hire another 100 employees – and thus increasing our office space at least 3 times. Our strategy also assumes acquiring new customers in Szczecin and the entire West Pomeranian Voivodeship as well – she concludes.

However, technological projects are not everything. The company has a well-functioning Sii Power Volunteers program, offering financial support for the employees involved in activities carried out for the benefit of society and the environment. In the coming months, there is an employee volunteer program planned in one of the hospitals in Szczecin, in cooperation with the Warsaw-based Cancer Fighters Foundation. The eight-time winner of the Great Place to Work title will donate PLN 30 000 for this purpose.

Do you want to know more? Check who we are currently looking for at Sii Szczecin and join us!

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