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Dlaczego Oni? Our IT experts as brand heros in Sii’s outdoor campaign

“Dlaczego Oni?” (Why Them?) is a campaign in which Sii Power People convince us that the company is the ideal workplace for every IT expert. By inviting potential candidates to this group, the heroes of this action, prove that not only does Sii support their development, but it also gives them the opportunity of working with the latest and diverse technologies and gaining accredited certificates as well as provides support within a talent development program.


The stories of individual Workers, IT experts at Sii, are a part of a creative employer branding campaign, which was launched at the beginning of the year. “Dlaczego Oni?” is a project which, by inviting others to participate in the recruitment, proves how important the development of passions and competencies of its Workers is to the company.

As part of the action, billboards presenting specialists who have already joined Sii could be spotted on the streets of the biggest Polish cities. website, on the other hand, is a place where potential job candidates have the opportunity to verify their knowledge in online quizzes that refer to the technologies used in the company, for example: Azure, Xamarin, Angular, React JS, DevOps, Kentico or BI. The project was divided into two stages — the teaser and the informative part.

“Dlaczego Oni?” stands for 15 unique stories of the campaign’s heroes, whose strength lies in their diversity. It also provides us with 15 different reasons why it is worth to be one of Sii’s experts. As the Workers admit, they have joined the team since this is the place where they can spread their wings and broaden their perspective. The specialists chose Sii also for the fact that the company provides the possibility of working with the latest and diverse technologies in an international environment, offers internal and external trainings, and the opportunity to get accredited certificates and support within a talent development program.

The campaign turned out to be a big success and was recognised by the modern technologies industry. Sii, as one of the biggest IT employers in Poland, continues to surprise IT experts with its unusual approach to recruitment. The company is currently preparing other informational campaigns that will draw the attention of the whole environment to the possibilities which gives Sii, by working with the latest technologies for its international and national Clients.

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