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With Microsoft Intune remote work is no longer a cybersecurity threat. See how we provided a secure workspace for SHV Energy by integrating their 17 000 employees into this powerful platform

With the increasing adoption of mobile devices in the workplace, more and more organizations are allowing their employees to work on the equipment of their choice. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide secure access to corporate resources. Using Microsoft Intune for mobile device management is a smart way to allow users who are on the move to work while maintaining control over company data. Sii Poland team supported SHV Energy in the extensive implementation of the Intune solution, which facilitated modernizing data management and security standards.

Challenges of an outdated IT infrastructure

SHV Energy is a world-leading off-grid energy distributor of sustainable fuels and renewable energy. Operating internationally with a focus on several local markets, it is present in 30 countries across 4 continents, reaching 30 million customers and employing 17 000 people.

As a company that had been operating for more than 15 years, SHV Energy realized that to keep up with ever-changing business needs and overcome business process disruptions that emerged due to the pandemic its IT infrastructure and device management capabilities needed improvements. The company decided to put into action a more modern approach to device, application and security management, and selected Sii Poland as a partner for the project.

The challenges that the company faced in the area of mobile device management included:

  • extensive use of third-party solutions, such as Airwatch, Soti, Good for Enterprise, and others, which incurred extra costs,
  • highly decentralized mobile security, no control over company data, and the lack of a consistent method for handling data on mobile devices,
  • variable requirements regarding data access method and data type.
Up-to-date approach to mobile device management

– To fulfill all of SHV’s business needs, we recommended leveraging the Microsoft Intune solution that SHV Energy already had and extending its use across all business units. It resulted in launching a global program for introducing Intune as a mobile device management solution ­–  says Karol Mrugowski, Senior System Administrator at Sii Poland.

The key challenge from the logical standpoint was to deliver the established security and application baseline to all business units through the use of a single Microsoft Endpoint Manager tenant. Previously, this task had been unsuccessfully approached by other companies supporting SHV Energy. The solution proposed by Sii not only enforced the security standard required by SHV Energy, but also gave each business unit autonomy and flexibility in managing its own devices, applications, and configuration.

Along with adopting Intune MDM across all divisions, Sii also introduced the possibility to use several device enrollments and management modes.

– The legacy device administrator enrollment mode was replaced with a modern Android Enterprise mode that allows for secure management of personal, corporate, shared, and kiosk devices, which was critical for field workers and drivers. In addition, any business unit interested in automated device enrollment got assistance in configuring such automation ­­– explains Daniel Wiechczyński, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.

Managing and securing devices in the cloud

Thanks to the implementation of the project at SHV Energy, approximately 4 000 mobile devices and over 500 mobile and web applications are managed through Microsoft Intune.

– The client aimed at centralizing mobile device management, which in the case of a global brand is a complex and time-consuming process. Thanks to Microsoft Intune, the company gained not only the possibility to administer iOS and Android-based equipment globally, but also gained additional security by limiting access to sensitive corporate data. We have already implemented the solution in 10 out of 22 business units of SHV Energy, and we are currently carrying out further activities within the project – says Marta Przeor, Head of Public & Utilities at Sii Poland.

The changes implemented by Sii resulted in:

  • introducing a global security and application baseline,
  • reducing the costs generated by third-party MDM solutions and licenses due to the launch of a unified platform for mobile device management,
  • improved control over online and offline data and a consistent data management method across mobile devices,
  • ability to maintain and update devices remotely, with facilitated secure data access.

Discover how Sii introduces effective data management with Microsoft Intune. Check our offer or contact us to explore opportunities for cooperation.

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