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Wprost „Eagles” have been selected – among them Sii Poland!

The company got into the exclusive group of companies that got awarded with a prestigious “Eagles” award granted by the Wprost weekly.

Sii Poland got honored with the award, as one of the leading IT and technology companies present in the Masovian voivodeship. The company stood shoulder to shoulder with the most dynamically developing businesses in the region.

The honorable mention is annually given to companies, councils and eminent personalities from a particular voivodeship of Poland. The laureates are selected on the basis of an objective study run by an external, independent company, which reviews the basic aspects of the company’s business. In particular they looked into:

  • Net profit earned in the past 3 years
  • Average percentage increase in net profit
  • No losses
  • The right profitability

A company which fulfills the above criteria, got to the lead. This recognition is a great acknowledgment of the business reliability, and is a substantial evidence of its innovation and ability to lead a transparent and honest business.

Each year Sii notes a dynamic financial and employment growth. Additionally, thanks to its complex offer, it guarantees a wide range of technological solutions for customers from Poland and around the world.

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