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Your e-commerce business even more successful than ever before? It’s possible with Sii’s expertise

New technologies in e-commerce are changing the buying habits of consumers, with online shopping becoming standard practice. The question arises as to how companies can meet customer expectations and increase their profits under such conditions? As a result of numerous projects and successful cooperation with big companies and recognizable brands, Sii decided to establish a new Competency Center offering services in the field of e-commerce and customer experience to help their clients to exploit the potential of the market.

E-commerce fever

The number of online stores opened only in the last half-year is equal to that recorded in the past year (2018), while the largest American e-commerce company,, reached 103 million Amazon Prime subscribers in March this year. We appreciate online shopping for its convenience and flexibility. 24/7 availability, unlimited access from anywhere in the world, no time pressure when making decisions and comparing prices – these are some of the main reasons why every year more and more people are convinced to make Internet transactions. In Poland alone, according to the newest Gemius survey, the percentage of Internet users buying online is growing rapidly and has just reached 62%.

What’s more, the most recognizable brands like Adidas, Zara, and H&M are closing some of their physical stores to boost online sales. What does it mean? Companies have to focus on online selling to adapt to changing consumer behavior, not letting online-selling competitors win their clients.

Sii comes as a response to the market needs, offering the considerable expertise of its experienced engineers and designers. Bartłomiej Kiermasz, E-commerce Offering Lead, explains Sii’s strategy.

– Our Competency Center helps clients to build new and enhance the existing e-commerce solutions. We treat e-commerce as a holistic and multi-dimensional area which should be an inseparable part of customer experience with a particular brand, product, or service. Let’s use a well-designed UX (User Experience) as an example. You can implement a top-notch e-commerce application with sophisticated functionalities and use the latest innovations in this field, but if you forget about proper UX that fits your client’s preferences and expectations, the whole implementation will not bring the expected business value. With our e-commerce services, we can successfully deliver it to all Sii clients – says Bartłomiej Kiermasz.

Good customer experience drives sales

Hyper-personalization, chatbots, omnichannel commerce, well-rounded marketing funnels, virtual assistants – all of these customer-oriented trends drive sales. To keep up with the latest consumer trends, companies are investing in AR/VR, Big Data, or Business Intelligence. The e-commerce sector is no longer only about efficient website development.

– E-Commerce Competency Center does not consider e-commerce as an IT-only-driven topic. It’s more of a combination of an IT application, proper User Experience (UX), and crafted, personalized offering accompanied by the right mix of digital & advertising activities – says Bartłomiej Kiermasz.

Having so many different options, companies often wonder what to focus on? How to make the right decision? What is the top priority? What will considerably increase profits?

– We also support clients who already have their own successful e-commerce channels. Besides, implementing client’s end-to-end projects, we are offering well-defined e-commerce and UX/CX services helping the client in identifying, selecting, and deep-diving into certain areas, processes, and current difficulties.

We believe that sometimes in the e-commerce area, small, well-directed, and properly pointed enhancements might cause significant improvements – increase conversion rates, boost revenue, promote products and services in the right time and place, build brand advocacy, and, finally, win loyalty – adds Kiermasz.

Sii observes the “butterfly effect” in everyday work with clients who constantly implement new solutions and introduce improvements that bring them ROI in a short time.

Credible digital transformation partner

Sii has a lot of experience not only in pure implementation from an IT-system perspective, but also in other related areas contributing to the client’s business success, i.e. omnichannel approach, customer experience consulting, user research, customer journey as well as UX design and redesign. As a result, Sii can support any digital business transformation journey.

E-Commerce Competency Center has already implemented projects for clients from various industries, including banking, retail, transport, media and communication, Hi-Tech, and insurance. We have been working with the most recognizable online retailers whose annual earned revenue exceeds USD 230 million and the number of registered transactions per month is over 1 million.

Sii services are not limited to B2C e-commerce.

– A project for one of our main clients – a Swedish retail company – makes a perfect example. We have delivered a B2B e-commerce application integrated with the existing PIM and ERP (Microsoft Navision) systems, being responsible for business analysis, UX design, and custom solution development. The platform allows distributors to go smoothly through the sales process, easily register estimations and transform them into orders, taking into account agreed liability and quickly reusing estimations from previous periods – says Kiermasz.

Apart from having experience in B2C and B2B e-commerce, Sii also develops marketplaces. One of such solutions based on the Magento e-commerce application has been created for Berlingske Media, known as the biggest media group in Denmark. The client invited local shops and entrepreneurs to sell and promote their products through a common internet platform and needed the system to be delivered and set up within just 2 months. Sii’s experts stood up to the task.

– The client was looking for a modern e-commerce solution with an intuitive admin interface, mobile-friendly configuration, build-in upsells and cross-sells, easy third-party integrations, and advanced security permissions. We delivered such a solution, providing frontend domain knowledge and dedicated cross-competence team. As a final result, Berlingske Media and their partners received a well-designed and customized platform for Danish customers. The first webstore was launched just before the peak online sales period. After the first success, the client decided to run additional second site also prepared with our team – adds Kiermasz.

Sii Poland has already completed many successful e-commerce projects, and the company is still working on new ones to increase the clients’ revenue and improve the usability of the applications developed with them and their clients in mind. If you are interested in joining Sii’s e-commerce team or maximizing online sales thanks to Sii’s experience and services, visit our website:

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