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Looking for a way to help your employees share information and easily upload documents? Microsoft SharePoint is a tool for online teamwork on projects, efficient data search and task sharing. The software will significantly boost the business processes in your company and bring you substantial benefits.

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If that idea appeals to you, do not hesitate any longer and contact the Sii Poland SharePoint Competency Center! The platform offers a wide range of services and we are ready to help you choose the ones that would work best in your organisation. Should you need any unconventional tools, we are more than happy to create tailor-made solutions that would meet your requirements. Cooperate with us and we guarantee you will make the most of SharePoint.

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Custom solutions

With vast possibilities of Microsoft SharePoint, our team will tailor any solution to your individual requirements, regardless of the type of platform you work on.


SharePoint platform is a multifunctional tool that will definitely revolutionize work in your company. Our experts are ready to plan custom solution architecture and conduct system implementation, with a view to quality and high standards of services.


Be always up to date and decide on migration to the newest version of Microsoft SharePoint! We will lead you through the whole process step by step, starting from audit and ending on implementation.


Not sure whether SharePoint is what you are looking for or you wonder how to make it more efficient? We are happy to answer all your questions and advise what is best for you.

Business process and workflow automation

To help you avoid accumulation of documents that can no longer be controlled, we are ready to design and implement workflows and forms tailored to your needs, using tools like Nintex etc. With our solution, you will always keep everything in order.


It is natural that you want to have control over your company and be sure that you deal with the current matters properly. Let us provide you with the most important indicators and charts so that you always keep your finger on the pulse.

Migration to cloud

SharePoint Online hosted on Office 365 platform is a modern way for storing information, based on cloud solutions that help to reduce infrastructure costs. Contact us and decide on a migration fit for the 21st century.

Looking for ready-to-use SharePoint products you could implement in your company? Sii SharePoint Practice has a wide range of tools that you can add to your site whenever you want! All solutions are being used every day by tens of clients and become more and more  popular.

Our offer presents a collection of products that boost the efficiency of your employees, extend the options of your SharePoint sites and support decision making processes. We are able to customize any solution you wish, which will substantially increase the productivity of your SharePoint platform.

Our products

  • Business need:

    • Building relations with employees and creating a positive image of the company
    • Creation of a central site where employees can find information about tenders, awards, events and initiatives
    • Possibility to quickly spread latest news
    image001 2




    • The editor prepares content for an article
    • The editor decides::
      • Whether the article is to be displayed in a given department or in all locations,
      • Whether or not to send an email notification,
      • Whether the article should be visible to other users (drafts are possible),
      • The end date of a given entry
    • The editor publishes the article


    Our solution:

    • The company portal displays 3 latest articles. Each article features:
      • Title
      • Lead
      • Release date, location and author
    • Articles without specified photo will be displayed with a default picture.
    • The main page detects the location of the user and adjusts content to a given department.
    • Users can see more articles, either from their location or from the whole organization.
    • The list presents all up-to-date articles
    • To open an article, a user clicks on its title or picture
    image005 3
  • Business need:

    • Company notice board (buy, sell, exchange, rent)
    • A tool for employee integration in terms of competencies (technical, specialisation, department forums)
    • Employee integration according to the location they work in (department forum)
    • Place to share information for the interest groups (e.g. users playing football, employees with Multisport cards, members of private healthcare group)
    • Knowledge base collecting popular problems and possible solutions (e.g. support for Help Desk)
    • Forum administration performed by people without technical background.
    image009 1



    image013 1

    • The organization decides on the number of discussion forums and their types (e.g. location and competence forums).
    • Moderators are appointed to take care of particular forums.
    • Forums are launched.


    Our solution:

    • The upper menu presents a list of discussion forums that can have a hierarchical structure(e.g. the Local menu can show forums according to the company departments and the Technical menu can comprise IT, HR and Administration forums)
    • You can modify the side menu to meet your needs (content, order)
    • Categories profile discussions and help to maintain order
    • The list of discussions allows to look at the forum from different perspectives: newest discussions, my discussions, questions without answers, questions with answers
    • The content layout can be modified: the type of element and the place in which it is to be presented (e.g. the categories on the right and discussions on the left).
  • Business need:

    • Possibility to report remarks/ideas/improvements granted to all employees
      (similar to Toyota Production System = Thinking People System)
    • Automation of task assignment according to the scope of responsibilities and other criteria
    • Ensuring that every idea is evaluated (accountability of employees responsible for particular areas)
    • Possibility to „like” reported ideas
    • Analysis of the areas frequently mentioned in reports – areas requiring substantial reorganisation
    • Knowledge Base collecting implemented ideas and improvements
    • Possibility to evaluate organisation’s development
    image021 2



    image025 1

    • User reports an idea
    • The moderator either accepts it or rejects it
    • System assigns the task to its owner
    • The owner decides on the implementation details and closes the report


    Our solution:

    • The form is easy to fill in – it does not discourage users
    • The scope is fully configurable
    • Check the feedback and, if you think it is worth evaluating, click „Qualify”. The user who reported this will get a notification
    image027 1
  • Business need:

    • Space for sharing documents and organising work for various teams (project, department and hierarchical teams)
    • Ensuring security of the documents and content stored in IT resources
    • Possibility to request for new sites tailored to the users’ needs
    • Possibility to manage sites by the users without technical background
    • Work optimisation thanks to built-in integration mechanisms e.g. access to calendars from Outlook, simultaneous work on documents, documents approval, assigning tasks to employees
    • Automation of easy business processes
    image043 1



    image047 1

    • Organisation decides on the way the sites are organised (department or location sites).
    • Creating basic sites and sharing it with the users.
    • Launching the requesting proces concerning new teamsites.
    • Appointing a „Power User” – an expert to suport other users.
    • Along with the knowledge about facilitations offered by TeamSites, the demand for TS and productivity will increase.


    Our solution:

    • Navigation can be configured automatically or managed manually
    • The content may be:
      • static
      • dynamic (generated automatically by the system).
    • TeamSites are composed of applications and web parts.
      You can build a customized sites from ready-to-use elements.
    • Sample apps: Document library, Calendar, List of tasks, Photo gallery.
    • Webparts are the elements that display the app content in different ways, e.g. the documents created by a given user.
  • News

  • Discussion forums

  • Feedback

  • Teamsites

  • Photo gallery

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Depending on your needs, you can either choose SharePoint Server version and use the environment you already have or decide on Office 365 cloud solution, in which case you don’t have to invest in own infrastructure. It doesn’t matter which option you pick, we offer a range of services that will help you reach your goal.


Sii SharePoint Practice employs tens of experts ready to design any custom application you like. Make use of our team’s rich experience and let us lead the way to the optimal solution for your company, which would reduce your costs and increase productivity.

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