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1710 kilometers covered over 5 days of heavy training in the majestic Karkonosze Mountains. Find out how Sii Poland supports its Power People passionate about running

For the Sii Running Team, a group of over 300 active running enthusiasts, the season has started strong. They welcomed it with an early spring running camp co-financed by the Sii Passion Sponsorship Program. And this is just the beginning! Check out the first-hand account from Szklarska Poreba given by the participants themselves.

The camp in Szklarska Pore ba was held on March 9-13.  the 5 days, 20 male and 6 female participants from Sii branches from all over Poland worked on their performance, running technique, strength, stabilization, and mobility during field training, at the stadium, and in gym classes. The care of experienced coaches was provided by

The integration part of the camp could not be overestimated. Members of the Sii Running team from 14 company branches  in the country enter together multiple competitions together, which are held in several Polish cities. They are planning to take part in about 40 different races during the upcoming season. However, they rarely have an opportunity to train together for longer periods and to get to know each other better. The camp was a great occasion to integrate, share experiences, and boost each other’s motivation. There were several special attractions included, namely, the first evening field training with flashlights and a running trip to Hala Szrenicka and Sniezne Kotly. Exceptional weather – beautiful sun, light frost, and wind coupled with fighting spirit and fun made the time spent together an unforgettable adventure.

It’s best to leave the evaluation of the camp to the participants themselves. Also, feel invited to see the photo gallery.

Seweryn Socha, System Administrator, Sii Poznan

From my perspective, the most important thing was the place of the camp: Szklarska Poreba. A city treated by the world of Polish runners of all specializations as an ideal location to build their running form. Here, we can find one of the highest located athletics stadiums in Poland (700 m asl) where we trained, and various cross-country trails. We were accommodated in one of the highest situated hotels in the city, located at the foot of Szrenica. It is here that you can find the leading Polish athletes. During our stay, we had the pleasure to talk to, for example, Bartek Przedwojewski, a leading mountain runner, who is the winner of – among others – the Golden Trail World Championship. It has a special meaning for me, as I’m preparing for mountain trails myself, and my main goal for this year is CCC – 100 km as a part of the UMTB festival in France. Due to my everyday urban routine, the camp gave me the opportunity to go beyond my regular training scheme. Additionally, thanks to being supported by the coaches, I know what I have to work on in order to achieve my goal, namely my running technique and stretching.

Emil Uździło, Test Development Engineer, Sii Warszawa

During these 5 days in Szklarska Poreba, we had varied training opportunities, ranging from mountain running trips, through training at the stadium, to daily evening stretching sessions. From my point of view, the most valuable training sessions happened at the stadium, where we practiced running techniques by performing multiple variants of skips. Those trainings were crucial to me because I want to improve my short distance results (i.e. 5 and 10 km) this season.

Łukasz Beczek, Junior Test & Analysis Engineer, Sii Lublin

Before the camp, I had some concerns whether I would be able to run in the Karkonosze mountains, but it went better than expected! 😉 The camp in Szklarska gave me an opportunity to improve my mobility and stabilization, and developed my knowledge in terms of training and running techniques. The camp was also successful thanks to the 100% commitment of all the participants and coaches.

Maria Degen, Test & Analysis Engineer, Sii Lodz

I have been running since 2019, mainly and preferably in obstacle courses, and I have already met the Lodz team during local Runmageddons. I decided to go to the Sii running camp to learn running techniques from professionals, test myself in the winter and mountain conditions, and integrate with the Polish group of Sii runners. And it went well!

Łukasz Tchórz, Test Development Engineer, Sii Poznan

When you train long and regularly, and I have been training triathlon for many years, you feel tired afterwards, but you recover relatively quickly. At the camp, the intensity, new stimuli and working on the correct techniques touched my weakest points. Despite it hurting more than usual, you can feel pleasure and great satisfaction from the work done, because at times it was really demanding. What’s more, the knowledge I gained will allow me to work further on these weaknesses in order to improve my results, and just run more freely and with more pleasure 😀. My immediate post-camp plans include half marathons in Warsaw and Poznan, as well as triathlons in Lanzarote, Poznan and Mragowo, so there are multiple places to show off my fitness! Keep your fingers crossed!

Izabela Łomotowska, Senior Test & Analysis Engineer, Sii Gdańsk

I have been working at Sii since 2015 and I started running here, when I took part in Runmageddon for the first time. Then, the pandemic came, and I became even more engaged in training. However, no one ever taught me how to run, to increase speed or about the importance of stretching. The camp was my first opportunity to work with running coaches, as well as meet colleagues on different running levels. Despite varying experience, we all had a great time together! Also, some of them corrected my mistakes, showed me how to do what I like well, shared their experience, and motivated me to further develop my passion. Thanks to them, in spite of my still relatively poor shape, I didn’t feel bad, and now I have an appetite for more… I hope that Sii will give us an opportunity to repeat the experience! 😊

Michał Majewski, Team Leader, Sii Katowice

I’ve been running for several years now, but I have always wanted to try my hand at an intense running camp. I went to Szklarska Poreba to learn and I truly benefited from it. The most important thing for me was improving my running technique, as well as discovering the secrets of stretching, because I had been negligent towards these. Also, the integration with people sharing my running passion from all over Poland was especially fun! All these elements were successfully combined during our 5-day stay, while we were surrounded by outstanding nature. I can recommend such an event to all runners!

Paweł Polański, Software Engineer, Sii Gdańsk

At Sii I work as an embedded systems engineer, and in my spare time I love to run! Despite the fact that I am familiar with the methodology of training, the camp was a great opportunity to improve my technique: from basic exercises, carried out on an athletics track, to mountainous terrain. The whole camp: program, people, coaches, atmosphere, were made for a medal. It is definitely a must-have event in the calendar for every runner at Sii!

If you want to develop your running passion with the Sii Running Team, or pursue any other hobby that is as important to you as work, check out the offers and join the company supporting employees’ interests as a part of the Passion Sponsorship Program!

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