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2 days with Java experts from around the world – check out why you can’t miss Get Digital Summit

The Get Digital Summit conference is one of the most important events in the calendar of developers, architects, testers, team leaders and all technology and programming enthusiasts. The second edition of the event, to be held on October 19th and 20th, will be entirely devoted to JAVA technology, and participation in the event is free! There will be international programming stars such as Robert C. Martin known as Uncle Bob, and Bruce Eckel.

Legends of the IT world will share their expertise

At the Get Digital Summit, world-famous programming experts will share their knowledge with attendees. The guest of honor at this year’s Get Digital Summit will be Robert C. Martin (more widely known by his nickname Uncle Bob), author of such bestsellers as “Clean Code,” “Agile. Agile Programming: principles, patterns and practices of agile software development in C#”, “Master of Clean Code. Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”. During the last year’s event, Get Digital Summit attendees had the opportunity to see that Uncle Bob is not only one of the world’s top experts in his field, but also a true master of storytelling, incredibly engaging the audience.

Besides Robert C. Martin, you will also have the opportunity to see such prominent figures as Bruce Eckel, who is a respected expert and author of many books and articles on programming. Among the most famous are “Thinking in C++” and “Thinking in Java.” The event will also honor well-known practitioners: Vlada Mihalcea – Java Champion, and Jarosław Pałka – trainer, architect and consultant. There will also be a strong representation of Sii Poland – the organizer of the conference. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to architects from the Digital Competency Center: Józef Tokarski and Jędrzej Kalinowski.

Presentations that you will see only at the Get Digital Summit

Speakers will give brand new presentations that you won’t see anywhere else! All content is created specifically for this – and only this – meeting. Substantive knowledge is one thing, but Get Digital Summit is not only a theory. The event will also feature a solid dose of practical know-how on both programming and improving the quality of your work. In addition to presentations, live coding and a Q&A session are also scheduled. Who knows when there will be another opportunity to ask questions of figures like Uncle Bob or Bruce Eckel.

Registration for the conference is completely free!

Two days of expert knowledge, presented by eminent world-renowned specialists, is completely free of charge. Moreover, during the event, Sii Poland will conduct competitions in which you will be able to win attractive prizes, incl. books written by our speakers – Robert C. Martin and Bruce Eckel – with their autographs.

Get Digital Summit will be held on October 19-20. You can’t miss it! Register here.

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