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    50% of tax deductible expenses – higher salaries for Sii Workers

    A project of a new structure of remunerations for selected positions of Power People working under an employment agreement was created at Sii. Thanks to the changes introduced, Sii specialists will perform a part of their duties as creative work, which are settled as 50% of tax deductible expenses. The change of the structure is a big convenience that generates additional income. 

    Selected Sii Workers will earn more as the creative part of their tasks will be taxed at a lower rate. A person taking advantage of this possibility of settlement will, under an employment agreement, collect an author’s fee (under the Act of Copyright and Related Rights). In practice, this means an increase of net remunerations.

    The coordination of activities of several teams was crucial in the preparation of the whole project. The company engaged in the creation of new solutions at numerous levels — representatives of various internal departments, e.g.: HR, Administration, Sales or IT, participated in the process, as did an external advisor — says Aleksandra Malinowska, Project Manager responsible for the implementation of the new standard. The positive recommendation of the Minister of Finance gave a green light to bring the changes into effect. It required a big work effort from us related to, among others, the transformation of processes and adjusting the interpretation to applicable standards, but thanks to our endeavors the remunerations have increased.

    The positions that are eligible for the settlement in the new remuneration structure have been carefully selected in cooperation with an external consultant, and the choice was based on Polish legal and tax regulations. The Workers who will be able to use this new form of settlement as part of their daily responsibilities create “works”, which are a manifestations of creative work of an individual character in an externalized form.

    Those changing the structure will only have to adjust the current employment agreement to the new requirements. It will include rules for exercising copyrights, following specific register requirements and a methodology of calculating the author’s fees. They will also receive an appropriate annex to the agreement and information about the procedure for submitting, recording and archiving created works.

    The implementation of the project in key internal processes of the company turned out to be a big challenge — starting from SiiRM, through MS Dynamix AX and ending with Symfonia, a HR and payroll system, as well as Selfcare a working time reporting system, with the simultaneous extension of the integration processes between them — says Sebastian Połeć, IT Project Manager of the implementation.

    The introduction of the new settlement structure is another crucial element of the strategy consisting of strengthening the position of Sii as an important employer on the market. The company also hopes to become a laureate of the Best IT Workplace (Najlepsze Miejsce Pracy IT) award once again.

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